Thursday, May 29, 2014

Linked In - Another Meek Moose Adventure in Social Media: i-stapps interactive gaming platform

So.  I suppose everybody else knows about this too.  I just got into it around the same time as I began Instatwittering.

Quick update on Instatwittering:

I've already been "unfollowed" by a friend because she said I kept blowing up her feed with my virtual field trips.  #mixedfeelings.  Also, I've taken to writing hashtag snarks everywhere but twitter, because I'm afraid it will somehow become a thing.  And I keep getting followed on twitter by prostitutes.  WHY?  Girls in middle school have gotten more action than me.  Seriously.  I have nothing to offer you, ladies! Go stalk someone else.  Although, maybe everybody needs to be allowed to appreciate Mount Vernon, and Target, and EdTech.  #conflicted

Back on track, back on track, chug-a-chug...

On Linked In I have found many educational groups to join that post AWESOME articles about EVERYTHING.  To emphasize my deep feelings about this, let me quote Barbie from Life in the Dreamhouse, "It's Amaze!"

Second Tangent.. you haven't watched it? FOR SHAME!  Kids might think, "oooooo, Barbie!" but any sarcastic self-respecting nerdy female that was never popular in high school loves this show for it's pure, untainted, addicting farce. #damnshehasbaggage

I'll leave you a you-tube link to all 2 hours worth of episodes, click the picture:

Alright, this time I'll be focused.  Recently I came across an update about Edtech equipment that was using Kickstarter to raise funds.  

The i-stapps, an active gaming platform!

Click to go to the Company Site

Game based learning.  These steps make your smart device active- like Wii or Kinect sort of gaming. 

Here's their video:

And then click HERE to go to the kickstarter page.

Now.  Aside from the fact that I now want to go to the Netherlands, this product idea is FABULOUS!!!
They are in no way paying me to say any of this. Just so we're all clear.  I'm looking at donating because I waaaaaaannnnnnnnt it!  I did the Euro conversion, and for the early bird investment (shipping included):

But, I really liked the option for getting the whole set plus the ability to create games.  That would run me:

Or do I really want that limited edition backpack and ALL the games they already have?

When I first did the conversion, it seemed like a lot of money to me.  But then I got to thinking- how much did I spend when I bought my first Wii?  How much have I dropped in a run to the grocery store? This last amount is about how much I paid in one month to this medical weight loss chain to get thinner.  (Worked like a charm, btw, but also nearly killed me by threatening an imminent anyeurism- so those of you dieting and exercising, KEEP DOING THAT). But, I do look awesome for almost dying. #itsthelittlethings

Face it- we've spent that sort of dough before on things way less cool.  They're kickstarter fundraising ends in 35 days, so I've got a month to budget myself the money.  I'm not sure exactly which option I'll choose, but it will be one of the three.  I've never invested in anything before- it's sort of exciting and scary at the same time.  But, it also sounds like a great opportunity to try something really innovative in my classroom.

What do you think?  Do you think you'd give it a go?  I'd love to have folks to test it with me.  Do you know someone who would be interested?  Got a lot of followers?  Why don't you give them a tweet?  At least replay the video with the handsome Dutch guys....(also obsessed with the curved window, because that's how I roll)

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