Sunday, June 1, 2014

My First "Currently"

First of all- does anyone want to know these things about me?  I feel a bit like I'm imposing the uneccesariousness (completely not a real world, the red line underneath says.  But whatevs) of ME upon the masses.  I suppose you could stop reading.  I choose not to take on the responsibility of such a choice...

Anyway- today is My Daddio's 66th birthday!  He's super excited about getting social security now- even though he's still working.  But my Dad is sort of goofy like that.

Yes.  This is the man who raised me.

But on to the Currently a monthly linky hosted by Farley at Oh Boy Fourth Grade:


While I've been on leave, the chicken eggs I had in the incubator at school hatched.  Or- I should say- one of them hatched.

Chicken in a cup holder. Side seat driver.

Peep is an Easter Egger  As in, if she turns out to really be a SHE- she will lay colored eggs.  Light blue, pastel green, pink, or lavender.  You don't know what color will be laid until the first one comes out. AWESOME!!!  I'm sad that only one hatched though- but I don't know what happened since I didn't get to do the hatch at all.  Anyway, I picked Peep up this past Friday and brought her home.  And after two Old Wive's Tales tests for gender- I'm saying it's a she.  I am only keeping her for a few more days and then she's going to a friend who has more chickens.  I've read that chickens can die of loneliness, so I think it's best she gets the best chance she can to be happy.  She's so adorable though!  And my son refuses to be quiet when I ask him too....


I did a deep clean of my bedroom and bathroom today, and am basking in the purity of it.  Of course, I am down to my last one of these glade thingys, and have just discovered that they aren't available anymore unless I want to buy them on Ebay.  I don't think I'm quite that nutty yet for scent loyalty though- so I'll have to move on to other pastures when this one runs out.


Learning Spaces are huge to me.  I've said before how I took an on-line course with Sally Haughey from Fairy Dust Teaching last summer- and I'm still working on how I want my room to be.  I went in on Friday to pick up Peep and take some room pictures, but sadly, the sub had taken some liberties and my room wasn't much like mine anymore.  My plants had been taken off the tables and were dying in corners.  My fish were swimming in goop.  There were kids' names written on the board.  I got really sad.  I'm still feeling sad.  I brought my fish and plants home though, and all but one plant is recovered. There was a scare with my one blue Betta, thought for sure he was a goner- but he has perked up and I think he'll be ok.

In the meantime, I've been investigating furniture options.  Around Spring Break, I put a dining room in my classroom. This is the best picture I could get on Friday, but it used to be more impressive:

The idea was this:  The majority of the kids I teach have never had the experience of sitting at a dining room table to do their homework and have Mom or Dad check it over.  There is something magical about that experience- so, I figured, next best thing.  This is where we would meet for reading groups, writing conferences, or small group math.  When I wasn't using the space, they used it when they could pick their own working space.  I keep all my teachery supplies in the armoire there.  The blue boxes are my library.  It needs a different table cloth...I know. *sigh*

Anyway- now I'm thinking about changing up the carpet area of my room to be more of a living room.  Because if the kids haven't been sitting at a table to do homework, many of them haven't ever sat on a couch or a chair to be read to or read to someone.

How can you do living room furniture without it getting expensive or something you have to spray for bugs or whatever?  And can it hold up well?  But then it dawned on me- Patio furniture!

Lowe's has the set I really want:

But don't rule out Target (NEVER rule out Target):

 And I even found something at HomeGoods:

Why outdoor patio furniture?  It's made to stand up to the elements!  Waterproof and all!  Sounds like a great idea to me.  Now- will the set still be there in August when they discount all of that stuff?


Don't worry- I just ate some while I was writing this post!

Better allergy meds.

And I'm sort of afraid the chicken might have made them worse.

Summer Bucket List:

For more details- refer to this previous post-

But I have decided to try to hatch some more eggs- and see if I have better luck than only one.  I get my eggs shipped from My Pet Chicken - click pic to go there!

And I didn't get to do caterpillars at all this year!  So I'm going to order some and try it out with my kids for the summer.

Interestingly, they also sell silkworms...hmmmm.

That was sort of fun.  I might do that again in July.

Oh- store news- I finished putting realistic eyeballs on all of our kid packs. So what once looked like this:

Now looks like this:

I think the change made a big difference.  If you have bought any of our kids packs in the past, you can redownload them for free through TpT. If you've never bought any of them, head over to the store and check them out! 

I even finished up the season kid series and have Winter kids done! Cuties!

Anyone planning on doing anything new with their learning space for next year?

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  1. I love love love your idea of a learning space (and your use of the word unnecessariousness). I can't believe how big your room must be to fit a dining table. It must have been really hard going back and seeing the changes made :(
    I love the idea of patio furniture.
    Good luck with the new chicks and I hope your current chicky lays some beautiful eggs!

  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I also love the learning space. I used to sit with my stepdaughter at the kitchen table doing homework and think about my students who didn't have that experience. It is nice to meet you.
    Artistry of Education

  3. I found your blog on Farley's Currently link up.
    First off: I am sooo jealous you go to Target and saw the patio chairs on sale. When I got to my Target they were all sold out. :( I was crushed.
    Second: I LOVE the classroom setup. Sadly that is the case with many students nowadays.


    Halfway There

  4. Oi! Me heart! If Target ran out....I don't know. I think I'm really feeling the Lowe's stuff the most- and I live in a little nowhere town with people who really only prefer to decorate with camouflage, so maybe it will still be there in August. heavily discounted. *fingers crossed*

  5. I love your blog, and I love the idea of a dining room table. I wish my room was big enough.

  6. I love the thought behind your learning spaces. I don't think enough of the children in my class have had those opportunities either. Sadly, my classroom is not big enough to do anything like that. Great idea though!
    Growing Little Learners

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  8. I made a lot of room in my classroom by getting rid of some furniture I didn't need. I don't use individual desks, I have tables. My teacher desk got moved off to another location and houses materials for the kids. I don't need a filing cabinet. I took out a lot of extra tables that had been used as "display space". My room is a decent size though- I'll have to measure it out to give people and idea...

  9. I absolutely love your dining room table as your work table in your classroom. Everything looks so welcoming.
    Fun in Room 4B

  10. You had me at Chicken in a Cup Holder.

    Love it. Brilliant.
    Digital: Divide & Conquer

  11. i am really looking forward to meeting you this summer. I definitely plan to tap your brain for some ideas for my learning space and yes, i will probably show up with pictures and full dimensions. Don't say I didn't warn you!

    Also, Peep? LOVE the name!

    Mrs O Knows

  12. I LOVE the armoire. I haven't seen pictures of your room since you added the table. I need to have some cuddle time with the next crop of chickies! Call me when they start hatching...
    ❤ Karen
    Flamingo Fabulous in Second Grade

  13. Love your dining room table in the classroom idea. Your room, even with the sub changes, looks so welcoming and inviting.