Saturday, May 17, 2014

Saturday Field Trip- Number Two!

Yeah- proofread titles before rushing out front door.  Or maybe, don't post in a rush. Ugh.  There's a lesson somewhere.

Hey- I'm heading out to a Safety Fair where one of my former students is going to be running a petting zoo.  Want to tag along?  I'll be InstaTwittering all morning!  And then I'll come back here and update this post later this evening.  Beeeeeecccccccaaaauuuuuuse... I'm also having a special lunch and pedicure "date" with Flamingo Fabulous!  And it looks like I successfully nagged motivated her to start posting again. Hooray for peer pressure!!!

See you all live- orrrrrr in a few hours.

And I've returned.

It was a day- to be sure.

To do a run down- There was a safety fair at my daughter's school this morning.  It ended up being much more of a THING than I was expecting.  I thought there'd be a few people.  A couple of tables, a bouncy house.  NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. This was AN EVENT. 

First, roads were blocked off, and I actually hunted a bit for a parking place.  The air smelled awesome- there was pizza and a Strite's Donut truck there.

And I must pause for the Strite's Donuts:

The best.donuts.ever.  And if you are not from Virginia you must come here. NOW. to get them.  There is NO DONUT that can compare to these.  Ask Flamingo Fabulous, I already have her addicted.

"Hey, Karen, want to go to the Safety Fair."
"Umm, nah. Not really."
"Strite's Donuts is there."
"Let's go!"

More or less, that's how that conversation went.

Back to the fair.  Tons of freebies were handed out.  There were tons of tables.  Each time you stopped at a table, they'd put a check mark on a scavenger hunt paper that you could turn in for tickets to win bikes at the end of the day.  EVERYTHING - except the food - was FREE.  Amazing Great Day.

And now- a stream of photos. Adieu.

The tiny sign is what made me think it wouldn't be a big deal.

Freebies- and a bag to put all freebies in.

I taught this girl in 4th and 5th grade.  She was taller than me then too- but I love her so!  All grown up and an entrepreneur!

As excpected, Boyzilla avoided the pigs, but he loved the chicken. "It's feathery!"

One, he has an obsession with Fireman Sam- so he was all over this.  Two- I loved it that a Firewoman was running it.

Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss- my bestie comes to visit me.  Sooo much fun!

They had me at "lobster".


I'll never escape the teacher face.  What the eff happened to the T in Restroom? Or actually- who was tall enough to crash into the sign to make all the letters go loopy? A giant who really really had to go bad.

My first ever pedicure.  Yeah, I know. I've been missing out.

Massaging feet, massaging chair, hot foot bath, hot rock massage- if I win the lottery, I will have this gentleman on speed dial.

I think the last time my toes were painted, I might have been twelve.


This is how it's done!

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