Friday, May 9, 2014


And the name alone should prove I don't know what the heck I'm doing.

Twitter.  This is something I do when I'm nervous.  I twitter about.  But now, because I uploaded the app- I'm supposed to be typing in little quips about what I'm up to at any particular moment that have value.  I suppose I should not be tweeting "That lasagna didn't make my tummy happy" or the like.

I confess that I only signed up for the account because I wanted(want) to win a lunch bag.

This lunch bag:

I came across it on Mamabelly's Lunches With Love, which I love reading because I have a fascination with those cute little Bento box lunches.  Not that I will ever be the Mom capable of making those- but I dream.  If you click the picture, you'll go to the Fluf site, which makes the lunch bags, and then Mamabelly's is linked up too, if you, like me, adore cute little Bento box lunches.

So anyway- I set up a Twitter account.
Somebody HELP ME! I have heard that this is actually a tool teachers can used to get inspired and see great teaching ideas.  How?  Someone teach me.  Because what I found out in the first day was that by "following" a bunch of art museums and science sites and types of people that a complete GEEKY GIRL IN LOVE WITH LEARNING would follow- I got myself four followers.  Women with big breasts and small underwear followers.  What the holy hey?  I cannot see how following MOMA and the Smithsonian would somehow put me on the radar of people (I hope it's not really women with these accounts but smarmy men that will one day be struck by lightening) who want to tweet about T&A.

So- either help me understand what I'm doing- or- for the Love of All that is Holy- sign up to be my followers so I look legit and T&A people avoid me like the prudish plague that I am.  And how do you do that?  Hmmmm- I guess you just search for @themeekmoose , no? I have no idea. I am staggered by my complete lack of knowledge in this area.

But I'm on the slippery slope at this point- because then I end up setting up an Instagram account.  Now this little thing gave me a privacy option of having to accept followers and BOY HOWDY! I pushed that button. But, I guess, this too is supposed to be a cool tool for sharing education ideas and getting inspired.  Not that I get how.... who wants to clue me in?  and as for following me- I think you search for the same thing: themeekmoose

Of course, I got all vain and put up my glamorous picture as my profile - so if there are multiple meekmoose's out there- I'm this chick:

I hope to do a new glamour shot when my black eye heals from my car wreck.  Wanna see that?  I'll "Instagram it" AND "Tweet" it baby!  Because I've figured out how to do that.  Just not why I'm supposed to be, or how to stop T&A "girls" from wanting to follow me.  Maybe I should take it as a compliment?  Orrrrr not.  It's a toss up.  For realz.

Has anyone else given in to Twitter and Instagram solely for the purpose of a contest?  Or again, just me? Anyone else wanting to know what the holy hey with either of these?  Or is it just me again?

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  1. I joined twitter just for the educational resources. My handle is @teach3rdmath. There are great resources -- search #edchat for some great topics.