Saturday, January 26, 2013

How do you do it?

Blogging, that is. On a regular basis.

When I started up last Spring, I made myself blog everyday until the end of the school year.  But then I thought, some of these blogs are just me forcing myself to do it instead of actually being worth the read. So I said to myself that I didn't have to everyday anymore. But now it's like I just DON'T.

I do THINK about blogging on a nearly daily basis. To be fair, that one day where I was dying from the bubonic plague, I did not think about blogging. But I did the next day after I felt a little better. I just haven't made the time to write.

This might be partly because my personal laptop died. I loved my metallic pink Dell, let me tell you! And I have my school computer, but, I don't know, it's just not the same. Or pink. For Christmas I got an iPad, and I thought, ho there! I'll be blogging again in a heart beat! But I didn't. I just thought about it.

I talked with my Flamingo Fabulous pal about it. She was saying that she was having the same issue- but she just didn't think anything really interesting was happening. Her class is so good this year, so maybe she want really having to stretch herself. Or something like that.  I'm trying to remember a conversation from months ago mind you, that occurred for no longer than two minutes and I was probably stuffing my face with a donut at the time. So I've probably forgotten what she really said.

Regardless, I was thinking that my class is awesome too, and I'm just too preoccupied in being wrapped up in awesomeness.  But, I've done some pretty cool stuff this year actually, and I should have blogged about it. I really enjoyed my regular blogging , last Spring, and now I feel sort of blah.  I think it's the blogging that's missing. Or does that sound pretentious? Or just dumb?

So, is there anybody out there with some advice? How do you make sure you blog? How do you keep up with it? What if you don't feel like it?