Sunday, September 9, 2012

First Week Down

Number One- my class is awesome.  I am going to love this year.
Number Two- two weeks in a row and I have my week's lesson plans done.  So I'm doing pretty good so far.
Number Three- I've even already gone over their initial assessments and made note of them in the computer, so I am on my way to maintaining my grade book.
Number Four- Things are still organized in the room, it's looking good.  I've been able to find everything when I needed it- and the kids even know where everythign is too!
Number Five- I just haven't had time to decorate still, or blog.  I'll have to find the time somehow.

Here's some pics:


Monday, September 3, 2012

Let's Just Plus/Delta this Situation...

Gosh darn it, Kittens- I do not have skills when it comes to estimating organization.  Which probably stems from not having organizational skills.  Regardless- NOOOOOO, I didn't get it all done like I wanted, planned, goal workshopped. Delta.
But, hey, let's PLUS this out by saying that I cleaned the Beejezus out of the mess, and at least I'm not ashamed of anyone looking in on it anymore. 
Delta. I just don't have any cute paper up.  I didn't get to make my conifer tree for my library. I don't have a cupcake pillow on my chair. Blah.

Plus: I sure as Shazam It won't have to do this again next year.  I got RID of at least half of it.  Not so sure that Good Will truly appreciated my donation- but I care not! It's NOT COMING BACK.

Plus: Packing up should be breezy easy, and not the nightmare that it was last June.
Plus: I know where EVERYTHING is now.  I DYMOed the H- E-double hockey sticks out of everything,
Plus: I know what to spend my instructional money on this year.  And it sure as West By-Golly won't be OFFICE SUPPLIES.  I'll have to take pictures of the amount of pencils I have at this moment.  The soul of a small decidious forest cries out in the dead of night...

Delta: I am disappointed that I didn't get the decorating done.  Like, seriously bummed out.  Which led to some emotional eating, and the scale gave me the ugly finger today when I stepped on it.  It'll be a week of nothing but bananas for sure now...

Pictures then:  And I've noticed that some of them are not showing up well, and I can't fix it, and sorry- but I AM GOING TO BED so I can teach tomorrow.  But hey! PLUS: I have my whole week written out on my computer.  Delta: I haven't actually photocopied anything that I need.  And whooooooo will be going in as early as possible tomorrow? Yes, dears, meeeeeeee.

I didn't link up with a classroom reveal, because it's not decorated yet.  I hope it is still ok to do that in a couple of weeks when I actually get it all pretty.

Oh, and how did all of that "You have so much Shtuff" naysayers situation work out?  Throughout the whole process my team was great.  Karen helped me out loads on Friday afternoon as I started to mentally hemmorage during a ridiculous unneccesry staff meeting.  Gads, my one eyebrow was sweating uncontrollably.  The folks that had made such a point of saying how much I had, never bothered to come back and retract their statements.  I even had one lingering on Thursday saying over and over "I just don't think you're going to get this all put away" over and over again.  And that was hard, since I REALLY like that girl.  I decided that I needed to excuse myself to the bathroom to keep myself from flinging myself upon her in a rage.  She sleeps easy tonight, babydolls- don't you worry.  And in the end- I guess it doesn't matter what they said.  I've got it cleaned up now- and therefore no one can come in and say anything in the future.  I'm dedicating myself to keeping it like this.  I hope hope hope I can do it.  I really like how clean it is.

Happy Teaching tomorrow everybody!  It'll be my first day with the cherubs.