Saturday, May 10, 2014

Out on a "Field Trip"

I'm visiting Mount Vernon today for my daughter's birthday (her idea). I'll be attempting to Instagram and Tweet my visit if anyone is interested in "coming along for the ride".

And I've got my side buttons over there all fixed up for you, if you just want to click and follow.

Laters kittens!
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  1. OMG I love Mount Vernon and all things American historical. Love your tweets. Keep exploring Twitter. You'll find your place. Check out #2ndchat and make that a habit to follow at first. You'll feel so energized after. I will be teaching 2nd next year so I'll do the same. We'll be buddies! (Well unless you think I'm creepy and you start blocking me. :))

  2. I think after I tweeted the hot officer and re-enactor, I'm probably the creepy one!

    Glad you liked them. My first try at such a thing. So many spelling errors, and of course I'm not able to go back and fix them. Blllpppth.