Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Well, Here I am...

Reflection: I pretty much suck at blogging from Fall to Spring.  And why is that? Time management, maybe.  Over-dedication to the job, perhaps.  Laziness, but of course.  Lack of creativity, possibly  Life, most def, peeps.  A combination of all, I suppose.

Have I been doing anything interesting during this time?  Ummmm- sometimes?  It's been a hard year with the Deuces.  I've been stretched beyond my capabilities in many ways- but I've learned a lot.  Through failure, of course. Yay, me!

Recap of personal issues, so I can wallow in excuses:
1- surgery on "strange tissue mass" in November.  I got to wear a "fluid drain" to work for two weeks.  "Hey, kids!  It's time to drain Ms. Meek!" Oh.So.Fun.  But hey, everything came back benign, and we're going to roll with that.

2- January and February. This was the winter of my discontent. I grew up in Alaska.  I am OVER snow.  Three weeks of it in Virginia- where the winters are supposed to be "mild"- did not make Heather a Happy Horseradish.

3- The situation with Question #3 in the post Awards and Whatnot, comes to a head and has gotten messy. And that's all I really want to say about that for now.  Or possibly ever.

4- I had two near death experiences in three days.  Just last week. Here's a picture of one.

Things I have done which I hope I can get a sentence or two typed out in the next while:
1. Animal Keeping.  I've had a wild turtle adventure, plus working with two Betta fish and two mice.
2. Classroom design.  I've added a dining room.  And blogging area.  And I lowered tables to go Bohemian.  I hope to get some video of this.
3. Writing.  I went a new direction with becoming a "copy editor" for my moose to help them with revising and editing.
4. Reading.  The Independent Conference vs. Guided Reading and how I found one much more helpful than the other. And creating student interest in book baskets.
5. Technology.  Gadzooks I've been having fun with a My Story Book Creator App, Toontastic, Sock Puppets, Educreations, and Weebly for Education! 
6. Gardening. Adventures with "The Three Sisters", and redoing a school garden bed.
7. Inventions.  Another math game- Coin war with dice to help with coin identification.
8. Failures. And there are many.  Prominently, an attempt at making a miniature wigwam- where I learned a lot about twigs, and pipe cleaners, and a lack of sewing knowledge. Math.  Huge huge huge failures when it has come to math this year.

See you soon!

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  1. Friend, do those huge failures have anything to do with our illustrious curriculum change? Do. not. get. me. started.

  2. My kids will be lucky if they go to third grade knowing how to count.

  3. Since the first unit I've refused to use it. Sent home the pages. It's more worthless than a workbook you'd buy at Costco!