Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer Strategy 2012

Nice title, eh?  Already expecting doing another one for 2013.  

Anyhow, I've had my week "off".  I have spent time reading some books about Guided Math.  I have written lots of notes to myself and drawn plenty of pictures in my Wonder Woman notebook about teaching ideas, to the point it is almost full and I will have to make a new plan for a new notebook so that maybe it's not so messy.  I have pinned so much on Pinterest I actually got a notice that they were concerned that I might be "spamming" and wouldn't let me pin anything for a little while. Nearly died like a crack addict in detox, I tell you!  Luckily, it was in the evening, so I just went to bed and when I woke up all was well in the world again.  Got a new obsession with Bento Boxes, so my daughter and I have been trying our hand at playing with our food a bit.  I believe our favorite was making hot dog and spaghetti octopi and boiling them in colored water so they came out pink and purple.  Made up a recipe for watermelon lemonade, and have been enjoying my gallon jug IMMENSELY, I must say.  I have worn my pajamas for over 24 hours on two different occasions until I could not stand my own smell.  And I have woken up on three different mornings unsure of what day of the week it was.  Summer time, and the living is eaaaaasy...

And then there's this blogging dealio.  Mixed feelings.  Granted, nothing really to blog about at this point, and I made that new goal for "quality" posts.  This one might be on the razor's edge, mind you.  I think, overall, it will be quality for me, because it is my base plan for the next few weeks- but you might just be bored to death.  

So, without further adieu, my Summer 2012 Great "School Related" To-Do List Challenge:

1)Finish reading Arthur Hyde's Book Comprehending Math
2) RE-READ Daily 5 and CAFE
3) Post four separate entries on my thoughts on Guided Math by Laney Sammons, the Hyde book, and the sister's books.  Ok, maybe three.  I think I can easily put the sister's books into one post.
4) Post on my proposed room decoration.  I am actually going to go with a theme. New territory for me.  I've even investigated the psychology of color for the scheme. There will be spray painting, there will be ribbons, there will be use of glue guns and zip ties.  Wood will be cut.  Sheet metal will be purchased. There might even be some DIY screen printing going down. I am excited about this one!
5)  Post on my Guided Math plan, including how I'll manage centers aligned with state standards + differentiation, calendar math, a math notebook, math read alouds/anchor charts, and an interview system for determining groups. (and be making centers)
6) My plan for incorporating word work centers this year that help me out with my spelling, language arts, sight words, and fine motor skills/handwriting needs. (and be making centers)
7) My thoughts on writing notebooks, reading notebooks, inquiry lap books, and a homework folder.  Most likely done in three to four posts.
8) PYP-ing up my curriculum, interweaving Window of Inquiry into literacy and math. (If I can do this, I'll gain an extra 40 to 50 minutes in my day.) Also researching the best read-alouds for the PYP attitudes and attributes.
9) My investigation, study, and decision making on classroom management strategies I'll try to implement this year to make me a better teacher.  It is my weak point.  It needs to be fixed.
10) I have an on-line ESOL class I have to finish that's required by my district.

Sounds like a full plate, yeah?  And this is keeping in mind the three kids (one with autism, one gifted, and one baby), and the basement that has to be cleaned up, and how my daughter wants us to make a craft and do a pinterest recipe every day, and I'm planning on sewing some clothes for myself, and getting a hair cut, and maybe dieting. (probably not really dieting, but I might give a half-ass attempt.  I just love frosting too much)  Oh yeah- and I forgot- I promised my students I'd write them this summer.
so ADD
11) letters to students with SASE enclosed in case they'd like to write back.

Bets on whether or not I end the summer with my brain intact?
Philosophy for the season: Make Every Day Count!


  1. thought summer was supposed to be your vacation? I'm worn out just reading your agenda. Good luck!

    1. Vacation? Whatevs, girl. No such thing. I'll make sure I have fun doing all of this though. Except that on-line class. It's a snoozer. But required. So I must press on! Love and lashes, Kitten!

  2. Your to do list sounds a lot like mine! I definitely am looking forward to hearing all about your calendar math and word work for sure! Those are two new things I am planning on implementing next year.. so I am in need of ideas and inspiration!

    Reaching for the TOP!

    1. I will do my best to be inspiring. Perhaps, with us both in the same newbie boat of implementation for next year, we could manage to inspire each other. At the moment, I am putting my creativity in the hands of Pinterest. I am finding myself falling in love with Kindergarten centers, but then needing to figure out a way to SECOND them up. Plus that whole idea of trying to make them semi-permanent so I don't have to do a lot of work. How very lazy of me! Not wanting to come up with a brand new game every week. I should be tarred and feathered for sure ;P. Ah well. I embrace my flaws.

      Do you have a specific spelling program you have to use? My teammates use Words Their Way, but I was trained in Ganske- so I'm trying to find a comfy middle. Word Work is not actually on our report cards at all. But I noticed that my children really suffered on their PALS test in the spring and also in their own general writing without it being a focus. So I'm hoping to get it in there.