Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Freshly Mowed Grass, thou art the devil.

A short post, as Claritin has failed me and an allergy migraine is mounting.

More packing done today.  But it's still a mess.  I'm pretty worried about not having it packed up by Monday.  And I'm sort of almost out of boxes, and I sort of don't get paid until Friday- so I sort of can't buy plastic bins.  Panic panic panic.

Still have one cursive packet left- GULP- and they took so long to poke through it today.  Worry worry worry. We started the water experiment today with the expandable toys- they very much enjoyed weighing the items and especially measuring out the water (so much so that I'm feeling like putting an abbreviated version of Water Blitz Day back on tomorrow).  We put the pieces in small plastic containers and put them on the shelves to watch them grow.  We will reweigh them tomorrow.  Over half of them didn't know you had to fill the cup to the top for it to be counted as "one".  They just figured any amount in the cup was enough.  Thoughts of all year measurement continue to stir...

Had my PGP review.  I think it went very well.  I feel like I made a lot of forward progress as a teacher this year, and enough mistakes to have thoughts on how to improve next year.  I did receive the constructive criticism that I need to continue to work on the management piece in my classroom- and I completely agree.  It's not my strong suit, and causes a lot of head aches and stress for me professionally.  So I think, even though I have a million projects for this summer- I definitely want to give some priority to studying different management ideas. Hard though- since that isn't exactly the most fun part of teaching to work on, you know?  I'd much rather be making centers and crafting and eating cake.

But, I also got to share my ideas for next year briefly at the meeting, and it was great to have that sound board moment.  Maybe I talk too much.  I suppose it's good that I'm blogging, so I can empty out my brain here.  And then, you know, I talk myself silly into the recorder app on my phone every morning. ;)

Gads- and I forgot to put the kids fingerprints on the tree that has to be done my 9:25 tomorrow morning.  I will be armed with a hair dryer then in the AM.  Sheesh.  At least I got my student placement cards done.  Even though I admit to not turning them in like I was supposed to.  At least they're DONE.  I mentioned I'm a disorganized mess in general, right?


  1. Do you need boxes? I have a bunch in my room I didn't end up using. I'm already checked out but I'm stopping by Monday for a little bit. Let me know if you need them.

    1. I might, not sure. I picked up some plastic storage bins today, hoping that eventually I'll be storing in see through containers as opposed to cardboard boxes that advertise breaded filet of chicken... It'll be fab to see you anyway though- you can meet the Kolbster. See you in the morning.