Tuesday, June 5, 2012


An unforseen evening event drained me of my time.  I did do good work today and took pictures, but they will have to wait for tomorrow when I am not suffering from a need of sleep.

As an update though, picnic went well.  Subplans ready for tomorrow, hope they will go over well.  Nixed the cake pops, no time.  Yar.  Finished organizing my literacy folders, yay!  Brought all my catch-all drawer junk home, and will sort tomorrow at my leisure upon my couch.  Got all of my guided reading sets tidied and in order, ready to inventory.  My little Gabriel, who is new from Mexico and just learning English wanted to help me.  He was super pleased with himself that he understood to look up what reading level they were, put them in alphabetical order, and organize them neatly in little bins.  It was nice to spend some one on one time with him just talking and seeing how much he understood already.  Plus, I think he had great satisfaction to be able to help with a job with nobody over his shoulder translating for him.  He's a real gem that kid- absolutely amazing boy.

I have a group of boys ready to do a puppet play for Sly Fox and Red Hen- they made the backdrops and puppets themselves today, and will present it to small groups tomorrow.  It'll take two days to get to everybody, so I will have my chance to take photos on Thursday.

Finished up my AMC testing, and my impromptu measurement preassessment. Learned so much about what they understood about rulers.  Was able to pull small groups based on that data this afternoon and make six inch pony bead ruler with them.  Did you know that four pony beads equal one inch?  Yep, each one is exactly 1/4 of an inch.  We strung them on pipe cleaners and twisted the ends into lops to hold the beads in place.  Had a nice discussion about rulers before we made our own and looked for important differences between the two sides. 

They've got the idea of inches vs. centimeters now.  And I cleared up the confusion over where to start when you measure.  So many of them felt you had to start at 1.  I was able to show them how when you did that, the amount of spaces didn't match the number.  It is helpful that we have a great ruler that shows the two ways, spaces with worms and also the traditional numbers and marks. They wanted to wear the rulers as bracelets- even the boys.  So at least now I know how to please second graders cheaply.  Pipe cleaners and pony beads.  But you know, I think stringing the beads onto the pipe cleaners and twisting the ends was a really great fine motor activity too.  I'd like to look into making that more of a regular experience next year.  I wonder how it would impact handwriting?

Tomorrow is my all day inservice working on literacy planning.  I'm looking forward to bumming it and having some good adult conversation time. 

At the end of the day today a third grade teacher popped into my room to ask me if I would like to move up to third grade and work with them next year.  I was really flattered actually that they thought I'd make a nice addition to their team.  And I like them very much, a great group of ladies, so I know it would be fun.  But oh, how I do hate standardized testing.  Even though my school handles it in such a nice way- I really got burned with my experience with it when I taught fourth and fifth for six years, so I admit to finding the idea absolutely frightening.  Plus I just got my feet wet with this kind of teaching with the second grade curriculum.  And how I do love my second grade team right now, and I've made so many plans for next year.  It's got me all stirred up inside though- thinking thinking thinking.  I'd like to stay where I am- but its that smart?  I don't know.  Should I open myself to new experiences?  I like the comfort of knowing this grade level though.  *sigh*  Plenty to dream about tonight.


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