Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Great To Do Challenge week 6

Really? Week 6?  Wow.

Anyway- I'm pressed for time and gotta get a move on.

last week:
1) PGP plan.  Because yo, it's like, due. Um, well, I started it, and then I found out it wasn't due until TOMORROW, so I sort of didn't finish it.  Yeah.  I have a problem with procrastination.
2) Catch-all drawers YES I DID. and nearly broke my arm off returning it all to school.  I've got to be better at staying organized next year so I'm not bringing that sort of thing home.
3) Guided reading inventory Halvsies.  I got them all sorted and neatly in their boxes, and now I just have to write down titles and amounts.  It'll be a kid job tomorrow.
4) Math manipulative inventory Halvsies.  Everything sorted and ready to be inventoried on a checklist.  Kid job tomorrow.
5) Sift through e-mail Three-quarters-ies?  I would have finished, but this computer went all jiggy when I started to print.  I have HOWEVER managed to delete everything unnecessary so all I have left to do is print out the important stuff before the final purge.  Another thing I need to keep up with better next year.
6) Run math groups YES I DID by golly!  And I really enjoyed them too.  I'm going to be reading that book I got Guided Math and following along with some bloggers doing a book study starting tomorrow too.
7) Finish up econ unit to prepare for market day in the last week YES I DID.  In fact, I will be photocopying our newly adopted currency in the morning and the kiddos will be spending tomorrow crafting their little entrepreneur hearts out.
8) Complete AMC Anywhere post test (where am I going to find time for that?) YES I DID. Whew!
9) Pack into boxes the items that I will be giving to the "new teacher" that takes over that classroom, so that I can concentrate on the things I'll be moving down to my new room week after next. NO I SO DIDN'T.  But I got the boxes out and put the strapping tape on the bottom at least.
10) Take pictures of both class spaces so I can use them for summer planning Ummm, NO. Of Course I didn't.  But I did spend a random five minutes looking up apps on my iPhone to see if they had a measuring app with the camera.  They do, and it's four bucks, and I'm feeling cheap.  We'll see if I cave.

You know what though?  I finished my report cards, and got everything into the grade book.  So I'm super set with that.  And I had a fantastic literacy planning day and watched Fabulous Karen plan our entire year for us, and actually sort of helped with the language arts bit. Even though that job was super easy and a monkey could have done it.  Let's all just listen to me bang my cymbals and ride a tricycle why don't we?

I have a straight 40% for the list, + 2.5 for my almosts, so that brings me up to 65% and I think I deserve some credit for the report card and grade book gig.  Can we throw me a bone with a 75%?  80% if you want to feel bad about my lugging heavy bags injury.  It's a ghastly bruise I tell you!

So really this week I HAVE TO:
1) PGP plan.  Seriously
2) Inventory Guided Reading.  May all my nails fall off if I don't get the kids to finish it for me tomorrow.
3) Inventory Math manipulatives.  Add my personal curse to my toenails for the same time frame.
4) Pack up the "stay in this classroom even though I'm moving stuff"  I must finish that by Wednesday.
5) PACK MY ROOM - due by Friday kiddos.
6) ECON Market Day- also due on Friday
7) Water Blitz Day- due by Thursday
8) Finish cursive packet with the kids - due by Friday
9) Get that e-mail clean up finished - due by Friday
10) Pictures of new classroom for planning.

Gosh, I hope I can do all that.  I've got to, by George! (Granted, I do have a work day on Monday- but it would be lovely to only have to use half of it and then shop for the other half.  We shall see)

Oh- and my appreciation shtuff.  Hey- I have to give it to Karen this week.  She is awesome with the scheduling.  Really- our entire year blocked out in color with dates, and we even know how many teaching days in any given week.  She is the Queen of Awesome.

And I also have big love for so many of the teachers in my building.  SO many of them made a point to come ask me how my meeting went about my oldest son- and they really didn't have to.  And on top of that, I really felt like they were being sincere and genuine with their interest and support.  It's a real wonderful moment to be able to feel confident that you really do teach with wonderful people.  I hope everyone else out there is as lucky as I am to have found this wonderful placement. This school is just so perfect for me.  It's really making me grow into the teacher I've always wanted to be. I hope to stay here forever- as long as it doesn't start to suck.  ha!

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