Sunday, June 3, 2012

Out of steam, already scheduling tomorrow's nap.

But I promised myself I'd blog everyday until the end of school.  But I tell you- I know that after the 15th I'm adjusting my schedule.

I was not particularly productive today- but I did do a lot of thinking.

1) I thought about those 7 file expandable folders I got at Dollar Tree that I want to make into homework folders.  I thought about how they'd work out pretty nifty as our writer's workshop folders too.  They could keep their spelling dictionary in there, pieces they've finished, pieces in progress, their seed notebook. Picture inspirations, thought maps, portable word walls, fancy pens or paper- all sorts of things.  I suppose I better get to Dollar Tree and get another thirty before they disappear.

2) I thought about how I used to use pocket folders for kids to keep their stuff in, but how they just shove it in their desks anyway to make a big mess.  And I thought about how the things I give them to put in those folders, are pretty much useless busy work and end up getting thrown out anyway.  So this made me think that really- aside from Writer's Workshop and their weekly Spanish class- they don't need folders.  Ok, maybe one to hold some work in progress sorts of things- but really, isn't a lap book much more useful that a folder?  We'd purposely be putting a specific piece of information in a particular format inside a very distinct container.  And then they take it home and the parents can see everything they learned in a visual way, rather than a "here's another worksheet I'm tossing out" sort of way.

3) I thought about room design.  I'm moving classroom next year, and I've been seeing other folks pictures on the blogs.  I'm not sure if I can go themey.  It's an idea, but I don't know if I have the soul or discipline for it.  I did find an awesome moose bobble head this weekend though, so I started thinking down that road.  I also really like cake. Cupcakes in particular.  So I was thinking if I made a sign for my room, The Meek Moose, and made that moose a baker- then I could sort of tie the two together.  I was reading on this one blog School Girl Style, (and honestly felt overwhelmed- I'm really going to have to reach deep to find that sort of girl in this brain of mine) and she had a point about using the same color to tie your bulletin boards together and doubling your borders.  I think I can handle that.  I also like the idea of not cluttering up the room with a lot of stuff, because I do end up feeling like the walls are closing in.  But the difficulty with themeing, is that I also love Wonder Woman, and the Muppets, and goldfish, and squirrels, and rainbows, and dragonflies, and glass heads, and Grimace, and yeah, everything.  And that isn't exactly a theme. So, summer project, there you go.

4) I thought about guided math and how I really want to differentiate my centers and games like Marsha does in her Kindergarten class.  I love how she's got everything in nice envelopes and there are stickers color coded so the kids know what to pick.  I just don't have these games or centers yet.  Another Summer project.  I also got all the materials to make that math board game I was talking about the other day,  so I'll try to rock it out tomorrow.

5) And I thought about packing, since I'm moving rooms.  I thought about how I really did not want to do the work part of it, but instead just find myself magically transported there.  I am a horrible procrastinator, and I just already feel the stress building in my soul as I imagine myself putting it off until the last minute.  Let's hope I'm able to force myself to begin this week.

And I probably thought of a million other things- but I am falling asleep at the key board, and therefore I am abandoning the blog biz for the next few hours and recommit my love and affection for my puffy pillow and warm blankets. (The AC runs in competition with the Arctic low temps in this house, and I am in the basement- so it's pretty much a meat locker.  Loooooooove my blankets.)

Goodnight one and all.

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