Sunday, June 3, 2012

Board Game and The Great To-Do List Challenge Week 5

In a week where it feels like I basically did NOTHING, I did work on that math board game today. I ended up using one of the small Elmer's tri-fold boards, white label dots for the numbers, cut regular index cards in half for the game cards, and I found some itty bitty super hero pieces to be my player tokens.  When the board is closed, I'm putting the instructions on the front flaps, written on index cards and pasted down.  I'll probably put contact paper over it to keep them protected.  And since I'll do that, I'll use some scrap book paper to cover up the backside of the board as well.  I also got one of those basic pencil pouches to keep all of the cards and pieces in, and I'm going to attach that to the back of the board.

I decided to make the game mostly about rounding, but added in a money element too.  Yellow dots are the tens numbers, to make them visually easier to find when they are rounding.  And the orange dots are the fives, to give them some bearings when it is time to round.  I might put a small laminated hundreds chart in the pouch as well for them to reference if it's easier for them to see it in that way.  If they land on a green or blue dot they draw a corresponding card.  They either find a small amount of money, or a twister card.  If they find money, they can spend the money on carnival goodies whenever they land on a pink dot. (My daughter started to draw different goodies on cards and put prices on them, thus far she's made cotton candy, hot dogs, fries, and soda.)  If they get a twister card, depending on where they are, they either move forward or back to round their number.  If they move back they lose all of their money and purchases, but if they move forward they find an additional 10 cents.  Winner makes it to the Ferris Wheel first.  We'll try it out this week to see how it goes.  I do like the tri-fold board though- and I was thinking I could try to make those other two center games into board versions as well for four players.  Attaching the pencil pouch to the back with the game pieces inside will make it easy to keep track of, and I could place them nicely in a basket for easy check-out.  And since I really want to do small group guided math next year- coming up with center ideas like this will be a good summer project.

Things I'm thankful for this week- my Dad definitely gets a prize.  He's provided me with tons of boxes I can take to school this week to help me get packed up, and some super duper teacher treasure cast offs.  I am also thankful for a second vehicle to borrow in the ninety degree heat we've had with working air conditioning.  It's worse on gas mileage, but it was worth it to not die of heat stroke.  Mild temps this week though, so back to being more economical with my fuel consumption.

Last week's challenge- BOMBED IT
1) On my day off- I will bring into creation a plan for our measurement unit that is PYP-ee, and also in the style of small group guided math.
2) Revamp lesson plans, and take a stab at this new possible Daily 5/ CAFE-ish schedule I doodled about this afternoon YEP
3) Update my emergency sub binder to reflect some of our new procedures. Yeppers
4)Clean off desk in such a way that will LAST Well, I cleaned it.  Will it last though? Umm, since there wasn't really a plan with it, probably not.
5)Catch-All Drawers in the back must be organized No. I suck.
6) Investigate a plan for repurposing some Basal readers Yes
7) Inventory my guided reading sets No. Suck suck suck.
8) Write up my PGP plan due next Monday NO. Guess I'll be up til midnight.
9) Sift through and organize my school e-mail No. Super suck.
10) Inventory math manipulatives Totally did not.

50%.  I've got to get back in gear so I finish strong.  Two weeks left.  I did do the pre-assessments for the measuring unit, and I learned a valuable lesson about standardized questions on pre-tests: just like on real tests, they tell you crap.  So lesson learned.  Next year I cannot try to save time with a multiple choice test as a pre-assessment, I'm going to have to have them actually get in front of me and measure, weigh, pour, and take the temperature of something for me to group them appropriately.  So I'm moving ahead with the measurement unit anyway this week, but I'll just be pulling random kids into groups rather than looking at knowledge base. I will error on the side of caution though, and make the kids that are traditionally my weakest this year into a group for the guided tutorials.  They can work with other kids though at centers to get a variety of exposure. 

So this week I MUST
1) PGP plan.  Because yo, it's like, due.
2)Catch-all drawers
3)guided reading inventory
4) math manipulative inventory
5) sift through e-mail
6) run math groups
7) finish up econ unit to prepare for market day in the last week
8) Complete AMC Anywhere post test (where am I going to find time for that?)
9) pack into boxes the items that I will be giving to the "new teacher" that takes over that classroom, so that I can concentrate on the things I'll be moving down to my new room week after next.
10) take pictures of both class spaces so I can use them for summer planning

That should do me for this week.  Come on, 100%! No whammies! 

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