Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Oy! Me brain is sizzling...

Gads- you know what I didn't do?  I didn't photocopy the town money.  kick kick kick.  Yar.  Ok- two solid days of handing out money then.  That should be ok, right?  I am, after all, just experimenting here.

I did complete the Guided Reading Inventory mission though.  So I just have to put those two inventories into the computer and I am GOLDEN.  I also have my PGP all tidied up, and will send out the e-mail in the morning that I am ready to rock that taco stand.  Giddy up!  I cleaned up the mess a bit by moving all of my "Stay Here" boxes to the back of the room on top of our former work tables.  I moved all of their desks this afternoon too, in a fit.  And now, I know I hate it.  Note to future Super Teacher me (not that I'd need the note, 'cause I'll be all super, yo) DO NOT MOVE DESKS WHEN YOU'RE MAD.  So, tomorrow morning I'll go in and move them again before the kids get there. Erg.  I also have to fill out class placement cards for next year in a frenzy- I FORGOT to bring them home.  Dork dork dork.

And, I fear that I will have to do some "legitimate" teaching tomorrow, as I had them spend pretty much all day creating a time capsule book so I could pack.  I'm feeling ashamed of myself, to be quite honest.  So, the plan for tomorrow is to do some cursive.  As in, all of it.  And I have a water experiment to do that I think might end up replacing Water Blitz Day.  I know, dorkiness cop out, but I really am out of steam.  For my water project though- I found these body part dealies at the Dollar store, and when you place them in water, they blow up four times their regular size or something.    So my plan is- first weigh the dry toy in the balance scale.  Then measure out a specific amount of water into a container.  Then add toy- wait till near end of day- take out expanded toy and weigh- chart difference.  Measure left over water to see how much it sucked up.  Sound mathy?  I think so!

Aaaaaannnnnnd- because I do still need to pack- here is what Heaven sent me via my father.  Someone was throwing out a craft book of hat patterns.  Like, over a hundred animal/creature/things make-out-of-paper hat patterns.  Seriously?  How! Why! Wha??? This is end of the year GOLD I tell you!  So, to try to keep it on the "legitimate" side...yes, I will have them measure the circumference of their noggins in order to cut the right band length of paper for their hats. Maybe we can even graph the different size heads - How Big is Your Brain? (oooooo- save this for next year, Halloween I think, Zombie sort of theme action, interactive bulletin board in the hallway, guest brains, slurp slurp. Yep, suuuuuper teacher!)  And then I will let them choose whatever animal/thing they want and spend oooodles of time making the silly thing.  I will be the best teacher EVER in their eyes.  They WILL have done some math in the process, and I will be able to PACK.  Ultimate mediocre genius stuff here.  Still though- who in their right mind wanted to toss that book out?  My gain, my gain, be happy. And there was a spring craft book too- which I will make sure I make every single stinking thing in it next year for funsies.  They even had an awesome "blowing wind" puppet, where you use a dish soap bottle and a tissue to doe this wind blowing simulation.  EXCITING for weather unit.

As promised, some econ photos of market day products:

Animals from Daniela's Animal Shelter

Nail Polish "bottles" from Abby's Nail Salon

Trampoline Folks from Lily's Bungee Jumping
Skates from Azarrio's Super Skate Land


  1. I am really enjoying reading your posts...They are packed with so much information. I kind of feel guilty when I think back on some of mine. But I guess I make up for it on some of my loooooonnnnnngggg posts about Conscious Discipline.

    I am happy to be your newest follower. Thank you for sharing your voice with us through your wonderful writing. =)

    I would love for you to come and visit me when you get the chance.

    Heather's Heart

    1. Thank you! I always wonder if I am writing too much- like there's a length requirement on blogging. But I suppose if someone got bored they could just stop reading. I did check out your blog and signed up as a follower. You had me with the Wonder Woman Underoos - she is my favorite! I have a big life-size 1980's cardboard cutout of her hanging in my classroom. And the Conscious Discipline is very interesting. I'm going to have to take a deeper look at it. My AP and I are on the same page wanting me to develop my skill set in classroom management, so I'm on the patrol this summer for some guidance.