Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sleep Becomes Me

I have not managed my time well this evening, and here I am, droopy eyed and exhausted and trying to finish up my promises to myself.  The one promise about finishing the cake pops is going to have to be broken however, as I am out of time.  I will have to convert it into a make and take for our grade level meeting tomorrow I do suppose...

So, before I collapse unconscious on the keyboard, a quick update.
I did make the girls redo the map.  I used some of the other maps that were made yesterday that had more "mappy" features to them as examples and asked them to incorporate that idea into their original design.  They ended up with this:

Still could use some work, but we've at least added the element of roads for us to put our businesses and residences on, and I kind of like the idea of the coconut tree grove being in the middle of everything like the hub of a wheel.

In Economics today we worked on our discussion of how all products have natural, human and capital resources.  My teacher cadet did the part of the lesson where they look through the start to finish books, and then I did the part where we made the foldables.  We made three together as a class- brainstorming products we could make with our watermelon crop, our fish source, and our coal power. And then I had them pick a product they'd like to see in our Town and make a foldable of it's resources.  This needs more work.  By and large the bulk of them grasped the idea of natural resources, but there were big gaps in understanding when it came to labeling human and capital resources.  Even though they were able to do it in the class models, they did not translate it over into their own.  So now I have some brainstorming to do to figure out what I need to do to make this better.

I do love my great big gigantic construction paper- comes in handy for so many things.

Additionally, I am excited to report that I have given every single child in my classroom a DRA- and now I am just making my way back through giving them the next level up since quite a few look like they are ready to go up a level.  Excellent news.  I only had three that look like maybe they need to be bumped back down a level.  I never understand why they regress...

Tried to laminate my We Can books- both times I went the lamination machine it had not been turned on- STONE COLD -and I couldn't laminate. Tomorrow, tomorrow, I'll love ya tomorrow......

And I received the official word that I will be able to move to a downstairs classroom to be with the rest of my team next year.  Huzzah for the shopkeep!

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