Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Great To-Do List Challenge Week 3

It's been a good week for me.  Even with the frustrating moments (or hours, in certain cases), I'm still looking at the overall picture and saying "Good Beans!"

This week, I have definitely felt appreciation for my Dad- he does take care of me, splendidly, as all Dad's should.  I have felt appreciation toward my wonderful reading specialist who is always willing to listen to my ideas and laugh appropriately at my jokes, and come up and look at what I've done in the room and make me feel validated as a person. I am appreciative of a wonderful woman named Lyda, who is a permanent sub in our building and ever since I first started has made a point to come see me and ask if I need any help with anything. She brings me paper clips when she sees I don't have any, tries to help me clean when she sees me wallowing in my own dysfunction, and in general makes me feel honored. She took my boxes of future centers and has been laminating and card stocking and bagging them for me all week and I haven't even had to worry with them. I am extremely appreciative of my team lead who gave me a great little shout out on her blog Flamingo Fabulous and therefore increased my audience tremendously and even snagged me some followers.

So, looking over last week's list
1) Bind those Peek-A-Boo Posters- DONE! Smacked a cover on them and already have it out in my library.  The kids have been enjoying leafing through it.
2) Experiment with my new microphone gadget for at least ONE book- ok, no.  But I did find it and bring it home at least.
3) Make the new bathroom clip moving system to stomp out excessive use and work avoidance- Oh yes I did!
4) Organize my math manipulatives- Hoo hah! Doner.
5)Clean up my teacher's desk- Um, yes and no.  I've cleaned it three different times this week, and at the moment I can't remember if I left it cleared off or messy when I went home on Friday.
6)Bring home my boxes of loose papers and BINDER-IZE them- Boy Howdy! Did I! Stayed up til 3AM, since I decided to finish up the student one too. Yep, nooooo sleep.  Woken up with a BabyZilla kiss though, so it's all good.
7) Get my Economics photo sorts put on index cards and laminated- FINIS
8) Turn my Daily 5-ish behavioral anchor I charts into class behavior books illustrated by the kids. Also a no, at this moment 8:15am Sunday morning as I find a second to begin this draft.  I will update if I manage to get it in before 9PM. That's another no. I did THINK about it quite a bit though.
9) Sort out those little annoying catch all drawers at the back of my room.- That's a no.  Did not touch on this at all. *sigh*

But hey! I finished my PALS testing, cleaned up two Hot Mess Hot Zones in the room, fixed up all my book hospital books and put little labels on them that said "I have been to the Hospital, please be gentle with me", worked on a really nifty idea I have for book jackets- will be posting about that later this week, used some non-fiction resources that were not age appropriate for my kids in a new way to make them doable (also a future post), got my craft on yesterday with the sashes and theater and booklets, and uh, hmmm, well, I haven't collapsed or anything and only had one clumsy accident this week.  Well, maybe I had two, if you want to count how I broke my Dad's hole punch.  And he emphatically thinks yes, that counts.

So the big question is what about this week?
1) Darn it, I need to do the thing with the microphone recorder.
2)Take care of the teacher's desk, if I did indeed leave it a god awful mess on Friday.  I think I probably did.
3)The Daily 5 books- even if I did manage to make the books later today, I will not have the kid illustrations in them, so it's still a this week thing.
4) The catch-all drawers beckon
5) Have to do 20 DRA's.  Due on Friday- so this is priority one.
6) I've got to get that town map made. And preview over the lessons for this week so I'm ready.
7) Implement the hunt for the positive mission
8) I'm truly considering revamping how I write my lesson plans
9) Also truly considering trying my hand at guided math groups this week
10) finish reading the CAFE book

And not to end feeling like I did nothing today- I finished up my spy notebooks.  They are precious.  I'm thinking about how I might like to try it with iron on adhesive fabric with the cardstock next time, to make it more of a permanent thing that I constantly add new post-its to.  Also, I traced a water bottle cap for my circles, as I didn't have a punch, and I used a seam ripper to help me punch the holes so the brads went through easier.  And it's just standard embroiderer's floss there for the closure.  No, I ended up not messing with the idea of adding a pencil holder.  Not this time anyway.  I am thinking about how I will use the information they accumulate though.  Are we just going to share out?  Will we put the post-its up on the wall?  Will we package them together like a little mini-book "You Got Caught Being Good" and let them take them home to share with their family?  And this was also making me think about this "Fill Your Bucket" thing going on in lots of classrooms.  My school does it as teachers at the end of each work week, but not in the classroom.  And I've liked what I've seen on the blogs and in Pinterest, but I also know that I don't have wall room for a bucket display.  So then I got to thinking about paint by number pictures. Except my version would be construction paper collage- mostly because I like construction paper, but also because I seem to do better with it that straight drawing.  Anyhoo, the thought is, after being caught being good, that would entitle the person caught to add a piece to the picture.  How long will it take to finish the picture?  How much goodness will it reap?  What if there is a celebration reward when the picture is finished?  See, the idea is still swimming.  I've got it on the line, since I finished the notebooks- but I don't think I've quite managed to get it into the net.

Took a trip to a local bookfair- got some great finds.  Big books for less than $7.50 and a nice collection of wordless books and books written in friendly letter form for my two baskets that don't have much in them. And they had Weslandia too, a book I had found on a pinterest pin and had been intrigued to get it.  And now it is mine! Bwahahaha!  I think we should get much more excited about our library purchases, don't you?

I also completed the puppet theater.  I feel very good about it.  I ended up using the painter's stick to sit down into the top of the box and clipped a sheet protector to it so I can slip backdrops in and out- as well as have the kids make their own- and I also found some really cool textured felt that I can switch in and out of the bottom to be the ground.  And leave it to me, grew up in Alaska, and forgot all about getting white felt for snow. Sheesh.  But now I'm thinking I could easily cut some quilt batting to fit, and that would be neat because it would be puffy.  Oh, and I bought long skinny dowel rods to tape to the back of my laminated retelling pieces so the kids can handle the puppets from the top of the box. Can't wait for them to get a gander tomorrow!

Tally ho!

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