Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Oh, but to end the hoarding...

Not that I know if it will work- but I'm giving it a try.  So I saw a picture on pinterest of a classroom that had individual bookshelves at different desk stations and the kids had extra supplies set on them.  And so I started thinking about it.  My first thought, to be honest, was "well I can never do that."  Pretty much because I'd never get ahold of the bookcases- but I did manage to do up a hillbilly version with plastic shelving. 

Additionally, I'm using them not really for "extra" supplies- but for trying to get junk out of the kids' desks. This is what my kids normally have going on inside their personal black hole:

Ummm, yeeeeeeaaaaah. Do we have folders?  Heck, yeah.  Apparently they are optional... But to be fair, I do have one kid who is a natural organizer.  His desk is ALWAYS immaculate.  He often offers to help me clean up MY mess. But he is not the norm- *great big heavy, Lord help me!* sigh.

So I really started thinking about what they actually needed in their desk anyway?  What are we going to use on a regular basis?  It came down to a math workbook, their Spanish folder, and their writing folder.  So I got these handy dandy plastic shelving units from Lowe's- and set up this here doo-dad.

Oooo- fuzzy.  Maybe get a better one tomorrow.  But anyhow- put one of these at the end of each of my three tables.  Basket of math workbooks, basket of writing folders,and a magazine holder for the Spanish folders.  Which, I actually prefer.  If I can find another three, then I will be putting the writing folders in there as well.  The little three drawer gig I got at Ollies, and at the moment it has glue sticks in the top drawers, scissors in the middle, and I'll be putting dry erase markers and felt erasers in the bottom.  The black tray has a dry erase board and a clipboard for each kid.

So then I had them empty out everything else out of their desks, and they could only put back in their pencil box, their library books, a composition book, and two empty folders. Everything else had to be recycled or taken home.  So we ended up with this:

In one of the empy folders we put in some math flash cards that we use to practice with, and the other folder we have left empty so they can put "unfinished work in it."  I will have to be dillegent with the whip cracking to keep them from shoving it inside their desks.  The plan is to have a table captain pass out what is necessary when necessary to keep us tidy.  No, it's not cutsey.  No, it's not plastered in polka dots and clipart of sugar shocked faces.  I just don't roll that way, kittens.  But regardless, suddenly, I feel happy.  Now- can I just clean up my junk?

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