Sunday, May 13, 2012

Great To-Do List Challenge Week 2

It's my Sunday night.  Work on the horizon, the weekend falling asleep behind me- a good time for reflection.

I'm thinking to give myself some organization, and, gads, predictability- I'll reserve Sundays to take a moment to appreciate what I've got, note what I've accomplished, and plan for the upcoming week.

Today was Mother's Day, and I have to say I appreciate my mother very much.  She is (as well as my Dad) a great source of help and comfort in my life.  And they do more for me and my kids than I could ever imagine or deserve.  I also appreciate my kids, and how having them is really a gift.  I am very appreciative of my sister, she lives very far away, but takes the time to check-in with us each week and listens to my ideas and gives me a lot of encouragement to pursue my goals.

And hey- I'm going to take a second and appreciate myself- because I really knocked out a bunch of work this week and this weekend.  Cake Pops for Fifth Grade teacher SOL baskets- done (although, I truly need to get better at them); lesson plans for the next two weeks, in the book; emergency sub folder- updated! And all before 9 O'clock.  I am SUPER.

Looking back on last week's challenge, I'm pretty happy with what I was able to get done. I completely finished three of the items that I set out to do:
1) Library organization
2) Student Desk do-over project
4)plan for economics unit

And yeah, that economics plan was just finished tonight, but I'm pretty hopeful for it.  I've never taught economics this way, so I'm excited.  I'm going to try to create a town with the kids and also have them create products to sell for market day.  We're having a grade level meeting on Tuesday, so after I present it- I'll let you know the general plan.

There were two items on the list from last week that I got half way done.
5) Finish up the peek-a-boo posters and get them bound in a book
 The posters are done, but I didn't bind them together yet.
8) Making my retelling center more engaging
I did add more to my retelling center by way of masks, stick puppets, finger puppets and dinosaur hats (which the kids ADORE) but I haven't made a puppet theater yet.

But I didn't even touch these three: 
3) My new audio book scheme
6) Monitoring work avoidance with the bathroom
7) "Book shopping" 

So, for this week's list I'm going to add a couple of new things that cropped up while I was working through last week- finish up one of my half way done items, try to tackle two of my not done at all, and have to post-pone one half-way and one not done at all.  It's PALS week, folks, and I didn't do any of it last week so I'm going to be a  little  pressed for time. Aaaaaannnnnd of course, I've just remembered interims are due on Wednesday. Yarp.  I need to figure out how to beat this procrastination thing into submission.

1) Bind those Peek-A-Boo Posters
2) Experiment with my new microphone gadget for at least ONE book
3) Make the new bathroom clip moving system to stomp out excessive use and work avoidance
4) Organize my math manipulatives
5)Clean up my teacher's desk
6)Bring home my boxes of loose papers and BINDER-IZE them
7) Get my Economics photo sorts put on index cards and laminated
8) Turn my Daily 5-ish behavioral anchor I charts into class behavior books illustrated by the kids.
9) Sort out those little annoying catch all drawers at the back of my room.

Ok, I'm going to stop there, or I think I'll be setting myself up for failure.

And to sign off- I was looking at my blog traffic map, and would like to say HELLO RUSSIA! Pretty cool, I just love maps. Tomorrow, kittens.  Same bat time, same bat channel.

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