Monday, May 14, 2012

Migraine Monday

The title alone should be the explanation for this short post.  But I decided to make sure I wrote something so that I didn't give in to an excuse not to, and begin a sad spiral of non-productivity.

Migraine aside, I was able to get a couple things done today.  The top of my teacher's desk is pretty much clean.  I got the resource pictures put on index cards for the Economics unit, they just aren't laminated yet.  Almost finished all of my PALS testing- first year ever doing it on the computer and it is so easy!  Why I always had to do it on paper, I just don't know.  Took a quick check on the student desk situation, and found that they have, for the most part, kept them clutter free.  Our system for distributing and gathering back the shared materials is working out well.  I am pleased, and will be doing this next year.  Used the Daily 5 system for allowing the kids to freely choose their center time and expectation for behavior and volume and it was so pleasant today.  I told them how very proud I was about the choices they made.  I was blown away by how well it worked.  And to think about how I have been pulling my hair out trying to micro manage where they were when and what they were doing while they were there and can you not just be quiet already?!  I didn't have to say anything to anybody today and they were all WORKING.  Ah, good times.

Tomorrow I will get more done, and take pictures, and have a better post.  I apologize, but OOOOOO me head! I will be burrowing myself under the covers and relishing the dark.  As well as a healthy dose of Tylenol PM. 'Night, Kittens.


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