Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bunnies, Arm Pits, and Measurement

I'm relatively positive that there are three weeks of school left, and I am questioning my ability to finish strong.  My personal theory on how a school calendar should be designed relies on a very scientific calculation method.  School begins when the pool closes.  This is what one would refer to as post-chlorine solstice.  Shortest day of chlorine consumption all summer, time to hit the books.  Winter break should always be from the Winter Solstice to Epiphany.  Those Wise Men weren't dumb, ya know.  And then school must end on Easter.  Why Easter?  Because no matter when the dang bunny comes- whether it be early or late- he poops in everyone's basket and the kids are DONE.  Just watch next year, you'll see it.  Easter = OVER.  And then you just struggle on until three unforgiveable weeks after the pool has been opened.  And THAT makes zero sense.  Keep going to school when clearly summer has begun.  But oh well. Chug a chug chug.

I won't go into the details of my day.  But I will say a chair was taken out from another student purely because "That's the chair I wanted", and there was, at one fragile point of my psyche's day, a chorus of arm pit farts. And someone turned in a spy post-it with a tattle on it instead of a positive message. Yarp.

Luckily, I had gotten up early this morning and finished those cake pops, so I was able to console myself on white chocolate covered carrot cake.

I do not have pictures today.  I completely forgot about taking them.  I will be more diligent tomorrow.

I did finish up my DRAs. Shew!  Scores looking pretty good.  I think I might have nearly gotten everyone on board with understanding natural, human, and capital resources- we've made umpteen foldables by now.  I am ready to get started on making the stores.  I'm going to shift barter and currency until after the stores but before the product market.  It seems like a better fit that way.  Had a grade level meeting and saw Karen at  Flamingo Fabulous card additions to the voting process of town fruit/vegetable, meat source, power source, and land features- and they were awesome.  Will absolutely be adding that to my run through next year.  Also, we are trying to plan for our unit on measurement, and now I am scouring for good hands-on activities to really keep the kids engaged until the end of school.  I know at this time, in the exhaustion, I have turned to worksheets.  But I know they are not going to sit still for that.  I've got to get them up and moving and DOING.  Even if it makes a big mess.  It will be better for my sanity in the long run.  That is, as long as there isn't another Arm Pit chorus...


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