Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Meek Moose is an Unmotivated Blob

I do actually have plans to blog more than once a week.  Seriously, I do.  I'm just crap at it.  At least the Sunday Scoop keeps me current.  Although- I could probably easily rewrite the same things every week.  Because I'm also crap at getting anything I put on a list done.  I have the efficiency of a sloth dead in a tree. But even that might be too efficient.  It is, after all, decomposing at a steady rate.  I wouldn't say that I'm doing anything even near that level of efficiency.  Unless you count gaining weight.

BUT- I did start four different drafts of blog posts- so hopefully that will help me get it done. For now though, let's scoop it.

Things I HAVE to do:

1) If I don't take my daughter shopping today, I do truly believe she will stab me with her fork at dinner.  She has decided that she needs something.  Something I'm not allowed to say because Dear God, if a person from North Dakota read it and somehow told someone else and it would certainly get all the way back to here to where we are Eighteen Kabillion states away. So I won't say exactly what it is.  But I will say she does not need it.  And I doubt that she will need it any time soon.  She is not following in the footsteps of her mother in this, seeing as she's a waif.  But whatever.  I'll go buy her one.  She can learn early how annoying they are.

2) I'm taking a grad class in Teaching Numeracy in K - 2.  It's actually a great class, but I am a sloth, remember- and I don't really do my homework like I should.  So I'm actually going to try to do it tonight instead of tomorrow on the way to class.  Like I normally do. 

3) If I don't do laundry, I'll be wearing a bathing suit as underwear tomorrow.  And I sincerely doubt I'd fit in it anyway.  So here we go high efficiency Tide - let's knock this out.  Or, at least, do one load.  I don't want to be an over achiever or anything.  I miss my sister.  She was really, really excellent at keeping the laundry going.  One day if I can afford a housekeeper, I can only hope she can keep up with the laundry as well as Traci did.

Thing I HOPE to do:
1) I went all slacky-mcslack-slack on my 100 Days Project of water coloring birds.  And I would actually like to make an attempt to finish it.  i think I might have one week left.  So we'll see.

2) This morning I found the skiddish Ruby outside of the chicken coop.  After ten minutes of chasing her in circles, I finally caught her - sort of - and put her back inside the run.  It was actually more like I got my hands underneath her just enough to give her the right amount of panicked LIFT to achieve flight over the fencing.  Anyway- I'm hoping to have a sit down with Captain America today and show him this pallet plan I found on-line.

Something I'm HAPPY to do:

1) I was listening to my regular radio morning show during my commute and they were talking about coffee creamer.  So I decided to try some out.  Over at "The -Mart" I discovered a bottle of Southern Butter Pecan.  It told me right on the label that it would taste like Pecan Pie.  SOLD!!!  And yes.  Yes it does.  So, my coffee is now even more ridiculous than it was with milk and finely ground sugar, annnnnnnnd I ended up using it in my oatmeal instead of regular milk and I will NEVER go back.  Until I'm 400 pounds, and maybe I'll stop to think, "Ya know, maybe that coffee creamer in the oatmeal was not the best idea..."  But I doubt it.  if I get myself to 400 pounds, I think it will be obvious that I don't actually give a shit about that sort of thing.  Bring me the truckload of pancakes please.

And now, to fill out this little tidbit from my friend Haley at Owls&Lessons, etc:   It actaully makes me feel like I sort of wrote lesson plans.  Even though I didn't.  Never do. Seriously, I suck.

Pinterest Finds for the Week to help with above:

Reading:  Hoping this really helps make the sequencing concrete.

Science: I bought this last week from Teaching with Style and it's wonderful!  Mucho Awesome, folks! Click to go TpT and get one.

Football Sunday, ya'll!  I'm sure I'll manage to do nothing I planned.


  1. I love your posts. They make me laugh out loud every time. The part about being crap at blogging-that's me. I have such high hopes and then just can't seem to pull it off. It will get better! ~ Lisa

    1. It's sort of sad that my brain is so fried when I get home during the week that I can't string two syllables together. I'll have to make better use of my Sundays and write multiple posts. If I can pry myself away from football long enough...

  2. That part about your daughter did make me smile! I could easily put the same thing on each week too. I felt too bad to put 'get a new washing machine' on my list again as I am ashamed I am still travelling over to my mums 3 weeks since it died!
    Growing Little Learners

    1. Is mum doing the laundry you bring over? If so, then I wouldn't feel ashamed in the least. Save the expense of replacing the washer as long as you can!

  3. Thanks for making laundry and coffee creamer so much fun to read about! Have a great week.
    Laughter and Consistency

  4. Hands down funniest post I have read in a LONG time...keep them coming! Thanks for sharing :)
    The Techie Teacher

    1. Thanks, Julie! I'm going to be serious in an upcoming post though- hopefully we will all survive "Serious Heather".

  5. Just wanna say I LOVE your little birds!!

    1. Oooooo, thank you, Barbara! I'd like to figure out how to make them on the computer and still have that water color look to them.