Friday, October 3, 2014

The Meek Moose Blogs Twice in One Week

Stop the presses!  And I even plan on blogging again tomorrow.  AND Sunday.  So whooooooooot.

Whatever dragged me from my den of exhaustion?  A linky, obviously.  Farley's Currently.


As I worked on my laptop finishing up my interims, I decided to put on something I was so familiar with I wouldn't need to look up constantly to see what was happening.  I LOVE Chuck.  I do.  And I've watched them all, a million times.  My mother, on the other hand, has never seen an episode.  Also, you should know that she is the ultimate tv show viewer, in that she has the keenest suspension of disbelief of anyone I've eve known.  When she watches a show, she is IN THE SHOW.  Her fists sometimes come up during fight scenes and she'll punch a little bit while saying "You get 'em buddy!"  Sometimes, I find this the most irritating thing in the world.  Until I realize I can video tape her expression and post it on Youtube.  Mark this intensity!!!  She's not sure if Chuck will make it out of the Bamboo Dragon restaurant alive!


Nothing says "I am ready to do absolutely nothing this weekend!" like coming home to put on a pair of elastic waist pants. That is all I have to say about that.



See what I did there? #punny


I'm assuming that the clarity is near the bottom...

Trick or Treat

I'm going with Trick.  I apologize for the out-of-focus, but my camera man is seven, and still in training.  Still though- you'll get the idea.
Whenever I've given a number line to kids to use as a tool to help them solve math problems- they always end up counting the number they start with as part of the equation, and end up being off in their answer by one.  So I ran across this pin on having a life size number line:

And decided to make one with painter's tape on my tile floor.

My kids now have this muscle memory of standing on the starting number and not counting until they move away from it.  So when we started using paper ones, they remembered.  It also ended up being a great way to talk about equality and non-equality using the vocabulary true or not true.  No matter what the kids suggest, we test it, and decide if it was true or not true.  Then the child who made an error walks to the correct number, and everyone can make an inequality statement, while the child who made the mistake doesn't feel bad about it.  We didn't say "WRONG!" and erase it, just made the inequality sign.

They use this as one of their math workshop rotations and take turns making up equations and walking them out.  After they do the subtraction problem, they chose someone else's equation and guess at the opposing addition family fact and test their theory.  That has also helped kids learn to get the numbers in the correct places; since they've tested out their ideas before deciding on a final answer.

It is amazingly easy to do, and the kids enjoy it. Let me know if you give it a try and get more insight!


  1. O my goodness, I love Chuck! My husband and I were so disappointed when they ended the show! :)

    And your post made me laugh multiple times - I love your sense of humor!!!

    Brie - Breezy Special Ed

    1. Thank you! I also was sad when the cancelled it. All the good shows get cancelled. it's a shame. thank goodness for Netflix!

  2. Hi Heather! Love the life-sized number line. I did that once when I taught first grade...a few years ago...and had forgotten about the idea. Thanks for reminding me!

    Teaching Little Miracles

    1. I have seen that life sized number line idea a million times and never tried it. All those wasted opportunities!!! Yar. At least now I know I'll do it every year.

  3. My husband and I watched every single episode of Chuck. I haven't REwatched any of them. I have watched every season of Gilmore Girls several times. I'm excited that it's now on Netflix, since we only own the first 3 seasons. The number line is a great idea. I still have third graders who forget not to count the starting number.
    Laughter and Consistency

    1. I have never watched Gilmore Girls- but I noticed it on Netflix, so perhaps I should give it a go. Especially after binge watching the Walking Dead last night. I think I should try something "light" for a few days.

  4. The life-sized number line is a great idea and your students are so sweet!
    And now, just from seeing the picture from "Neverending Story", I've got that song in my head. Make it stop! :D

    1. Just reread my post with the Police videos- that should take care of it. ;)

  5. I have to admit, I have never seen Chuck either. I may have to add that to my queue. That's so funny about your mom-I thought it was bad when I talk to my tv. My dog always looks around to see who I'm talking to and I tell her "mommy's just talking to the people on tv". :) That's the mark of a good show!

    Not Just Child's Play

    1. Indeed it is! And now that I have Mom hooked on Chuck, we might get a break for a few days from the Korean Soap Operas she likes to watch.

  6. We've been rewatching Chuck and White Collar on Netflix. I love that show, and Zachary Levi is just too cute! We're to where his ex comes back into the picture. Your mom reminds me of my mom, except she usually just yells at the refs or players for football or whatever other sport she's watching. It drives me crazy!

    Don't Let the Teacher Stay Up Late