Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Meek Moose Gives the Sunday Scoop

Amazingly- made it through that first week.  And I must admit- it was exhausting, but yet so much less tiring than last year.  And I did love my babies last year.  I did.  Bless their hearts though- they had trouble following directions.  My new flock this year has it more together.  Maybe I say something a third time.  Maybe.  And I only noticed that on Friday afternoon.  And I think I was fried by Friday afternoon, myself- so no big deal.

The Teaching Trio is having a new Sunday Linky party called The Sunday Scoop- and I thought it was cute!  So here is my contribution today:

So Things I HAVE to do: 

The lesson planning.  Which I should have been doing all day, but I got all into making a schedule chart for our ESOL teacher.  Trying to figure out how to fit in mandated ESOL hours for four teachers who also have set lunch/recess times and core extension has been no joke.  And I still don't think I managed it after eleven hundred charts.  I do love making a chart though.  Just not when I can't get one to work.

Here's some magic: blah

Last year I really slacked at lesson planning and I cannot do that this year.  So I've got to get on it and quick!

The playdough is probably not going to happen though.  It's just not.  I can get my word work charted though.  No problem.

HOPE to do:
I want to bring in my fish tomorrow.  Time to get some animals in the room and it will fit in nicely with the scientific method lessons I have to do this week.

HAPPY to do:
Spending time with the kids.  Except when they are all screaming and fighting with each other.  And then I'm going to go hide. When they aren't screaming each other- they are up to no good.

My friend Andrea at Reading Toward the Stars is having a super blow-out birthday giveaway- The Meek Moose is contributing winner's choice- stroll on over there and play your luck!

Off to finish lesson planning then, kittens!


  1. I use and it saves lesson plans from year to year. Of course I tweak and change but makes some things a little easier. I love the idea of a soothing play-dough! Thanks for linking up with us!
    Tech Crazy Teacher
    Teaching Trio

    1. I've looked at that before and never taken the plunge. Might be time to do it.

      I'm going to post again about the playdoh- I received lots of questions about it.

      And I loved the Sunday Scoop! Happy Day- it's Sunday again! I better go get the template for today! ;)

  2. I just set up an aquarium last week! It is beautiful. I added fish yesterday and they are swimming and happy (I guess, it's really hard to tell!) Enjoy this year with the milestones and your kids!
    Teachers Are Terrific!

    1. Thanks, Carol! I took the fish in and the kids love them. I've also had the fortune of being given a 55 gallon terrarium this week- so now I've got to make a plan as to what to put in it!

  3. Lavender and chamomile play-dough sounds fantastic. How do you make that?? Add essential oils?? I need to know this...does it help put the kiddos in a cam mood?? Enjoy your own children why you still can, My oldest leaves in 2 weeks for college and it seems like he was just in Kindergarten a few years ago.

    Luv My Kinders

    1. It is supposed to say "calm" mood. Guess I should proof read before I publish..I will blame it on being tired...haha

    2. Hey Laura! I emailed you more info- and you've inspired me to post more details for everybody. And also get to the stove and get it made... *sheepish grin*