Thursday, September 11, 2014

Is That a Chin Waddle? The Meek Moose Gets a Facelift

Huh? Huh? Huh???? Whatcha think?  Am I not beautiful now?

The new look is thanks to the extremely talented Barbara of Barbara Leyne Designs.  Barbara was one of my first regular commenters when I first started blogging in 2012.   She was infact, the host of the second ever linky party I ever participated in - Drama Queen. Ahhh, memories. 

Why did I chose Barbara in the first place? 
One- I like how in her portfolio every page is different and unique to the blogger.  I like unique. 
Two - she has lots of watercolory nature stuff going on.  I like watercolory nature.
Three - because she was already a regular friend of the blog- I felt like she knew my style

Having never had my blog designed by anyone before- I did not know what to expect, and I have nothing to compare it to- but I will say this - I got to converse back and forth about the design as much as I wanted.  If I suggested something- the change was available for me to see on a test blog within a day. (Usually sooner, and I was the one not checking in quickly enough - I'm not allowed to peek at school.  Completely unfair! But yet, I can see where the district is coming from, because I'd totally be looking at it when I shouldn't have been.  The Meek Moose is #naughty!)

Now that it is done- I feel thrilled.  I liked playing around with the DIY element of creating my own design- but in the end, I do not have the time to dedicate to really learning it to the level of perfection that my flawed womanish mind desires.  Seriously, I could not get my header the right size and the white line was driving me nuts. #ocdmuch? #heyneverbeendiagnosed #justquirky #andadorable! Barbara had this done within a week.  maybe two- but I think a week, actually- and a whole two weeks beofre she originally said she'd have time when I made this decision back in July when I got all blog design insecure after a blogger meet up.  Mrs. O Knows- I'm blaming you! ;)

Thank you so much Barbara for the beautiful work, and always commenting on my ridiculous posts.  When I get around to stalking Tahmoh in the BC area, armed with my stick of butter, I shall be sure to find both you and Sandy before I am escorted back over the border and forbidden to ever re-enter the county. Or incarcerated.  I suppose he might not take well to the butter....

As far as real facelifts go- I think I'd only have something done about my undereye circles and maybe a permanent brow shaping.  If such a thing exists.  I'm ridiculously over pleased with my nose, and have no wishes to change it.

And alsooooo - apparently, I am supposed to do fancy things when I have blogiversaries, and a certain number of followers and whatnot- but I have no clue- nor any idea as to what anyone would want me to give away (autographed chicken photos?). So if this is a big deal to you, and you're feeling seriously slighted for me not having some sort of parade (and you REALLY need an autographed chicken picture)- you're going to have to tell me.  Otherwise, I might not ever.  I'm sort of lazy that way.  I do have a birthday in the next couple of months- but it's not a big deal birthday.  Next year I can have the whole - "we finally got out of the desert and made it to the promised land" birthday.  Sheesh- does this even matter?  I told you- lazy.

I hope you love the new look as much as I, kittens!


  1. Heather, you HAVE to write a book! Or at least publish your blog posts. I always smile, and often laugh out loud, when reading your posts. You're the BEST!

    Thank you so much for the lovely shout-out.

    And Tahmoh is definitely butter-worthy. I can't speak for Sandi, but I'm all over that:)

    1. Goodness- a book. Don't know about that. I've also been told before that I should do stand up- I can only imagine the ensuing disaster.

  2. You are HILARIOUS, girl. You need to let us know when you cross the border, and Barb and I will run interference for you while you do whatever you need to do with your stick of butter.

    Love the new design that you and Barb created - she's pretty darn (practicing kindergarten-speak after a summer of young-adult-speak) amazing.

    1. I'm sure I'd have better luck smuggling illegal kinder eggs back home than running into Tahmoh- but a girl can dream.

      And yes- Barb is Ahhhmazing!

  3. Haha! Wait, in my defense Melissa and Nikki had the cute blog designs first! I left the blogger meet-up and ordered a blog redo right away! I was feeling all, "I'm not worthy!"

    I LOVE your redo! It is so you! The fact that there are woods and chickens…um, totally genius!

    Also, I used "kittens" today when addressing my students and I thought, "Where on Earth did I get that from?" Then I realized, it was one of my favorite bloggers who uses that! You are rubbing off on me!

  4. Really love the new design! So you ! Love the chickens on the side and your dancing moose egg signature.

    Luv My Kinders

    1. Thanks, Laura! Barbara did a great job getting everything I love to work on this page.

  5. Umm, the little chickens are my favorite! How cute, and I think it fits you perfectly!

    Don't Let the Teacher Stay Up Late