Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Meek Moose Sings the Song of Procrastination - Sunday Scoopin'

First off - I have never ever pretended to not be a procrastinator.  I'm not *proud* of the trait, but I recognize the flaw.

I'm claiming all but The Delegator.  And The Paincker - to a small degree.  I do it sometimes.  Delgate, never.  Because I'm also a bit of a control freak.  #Imokwiththat

In an attempt to organize my rambles, I'm linking up with The Teaching Trio's Sunday Scoop again this week:

Have to do:
1) Lesson Plans.  Just like last week.  Which I told myself, and my daughter for that matter, that I would do yesterday.  But I didn't.  Yesterday I was : The Napper, The Social Sharer, The Internet Researcher, The Snacker, The Gamer, and The Perpetuator.  The Perpertuation was brought about through The Social Sharer when Kelly commented on an FB post that she waits until 8pm Sunday.  So I figured, why not join her? Kelly, thou art my muse.

The Gamer was caught up in this app called Rules:

Nothing makes you angrier or more determined to play for another 8+ hours than not being able to remember that whales come after phones but before green monsters with odd numbers.  I highly recommend it to everyone. Please come join me in this seventh ring....

As far as lesson plans go though- let me be The List Maker - because that's my favorite.
This week I must teach: 
Addition facts to ten with missing addends + subtraction
Story Problems with the 4 box plan
(My kids are also ready to move up to time to the half hour)
The scientific process with magnets
Reading Salad, 
Reading Stamina to 12 minutes
Three ways to read a book, 
accountable student discussion
word work activities
Oral storytelling with basic sketch drawings
Beginning, middle, and end
PALS testing
Reading Level Assessments

And I'm not even sure if that's all.  Let's hope though.

2) The dang playdough.  This was on my list last week- and I didn't do it.  I really WANT to do it this week though.  It will help me accomplish that Word Work Activities bit in the lesson plans.  I got a lot of questions about the playdough last week, so I thought I'd elaborate a bit today.

First of all, The Internet Researcher in me loves Pinterest.  It makes me feel like I am actually working even though it's just electronic hoarding.  Personal goal to actually do something with my pins this year, so let's see if I can do it.

I have a playdough recipe board where I collect all sorts of playdough related pins. I am very interested in incorporating sensory activities into my second grade classroom. 

It started with seeing this recipe for Eucalyptus cloud dough and eucalyptus playdough - my kids get stuffed up a lot.  And so do I.  


But I wanted to start the year with chamomile and lavender playdough for it's calming qualities. 


I am hoping to convert the recipes to this softest dough recipe.

I will do my best to make it today and take pictures/video of the ensuing experience.

3) Math Class Homework  I'm taking a class being offered by my school system for teaching Number Sense to students on the K-2 level.  It's going to be awesome.  Except for the not getting home until 9pm and having to go to bed right away.  And the homework that I will put off reading until the last minute.  Other than that- fab!  I love our instructors.  So it will be good.  It's just, they said the words "fifteen more meeting days" on the first class, and that made it sound like a loooonnnnng time.  I'll adjust.

Hope to Do:

1) Clean my room.  Home and at school.  I left a mess when I ran for my life Friday afternoon.  And well, here, my organizational abilities at school do not translate to the house.  So, I've got some work to do.  PLUS- it means I get to utilize The Cleaner procrastination style.  Yay, me.  But I could probably put this off.

2) Get paid on Monday.  As in tomorrow.  Seeing as I haven't got a paycheck since June 15, tomorrow would be really exciting.  Except I got an email Friday afternoon that they messed up something about my check and I won't be getting the full amount until September 30th.  The Meek Moose is feeling a bit irate.  And bankrupt.  And nervous.  And in need of that rich organic strawberry farmer with big hands and nice teeth.

Happy to Do:

Pinning my friend Lucy's pins.  She must be super excited to see my name 1,000 times from going through every single one of her boards last night. (and I'm not done, Babe)  

Do you guys know Lucy?  You should check out her blog : Here's an Idea, her Facebook page, annnnnnnd her Pinterest Boards. It's where I got the Procrastinator graphic.  And one of my favorite snortables from her boards yesterday:

Happy Sunday, one and all!


  1. We have a similar LP list! ;) And I am procrastinating as well. I started a big re-arrange in my room on Friday and did not get it finished. SO.... today looks like clean-my-room day at school for sure and hopefully clean "my room" at home (aka the living/dining rooms). If I accomplish this, the house will feel clean to me. It's all about progress for me!

    1. I actually got around to cleaning my room yesterday. And now I feel so accomplished I can barely manage to do anything today.

  2. I am all but the delegator, too! I'm currently being the social sharer! :-) I hated that 10 month pay! When I had it at my last school, I had to set it up so that my bank took a certain amount because I am NOT good at setting an amount aside and not touching it on my own. I'm back to 12 month pay now thank goodness, but I'd really love to go back to that biweekly pay that I had at my first teaching job. Monthly pay = boooooo! Ok, I shall now embrace the list maker!

    1. Actually- I am on 12 month pay- but had to take a break in pay because of some medical leave I took in the Spring. Makes no sense to me why- but whatever. I'm now surviving.

  3. Haha...I ma a total procrastinator too! I agree, not the delegator though...I AM a total control freak. It needs to be done perfect, part of the reason for the procrastination I have read. Too funny. Thanks so much for sharing. I made my "list" for today and now I am being the social sharer while I am the Watcher, since my husband needs me to watch the Nascar race with him right Good luck with your list.

    Luv My Kinders

    1. Right at this moment- I am doing internet research...

  4. Hey Heather! I love the procrastinator styles: I'm totally the list maker and the cleaner! I even make mental lists of things I have to clean, but then I get sidetracked (another style) and don't do any cleaning at all! Ha!

    Glad you like my Pinterest boards and thanks for the shout-out :D

    Good luck with the lesson plans!

    - Lucy

  5. So glad you shared that playdough! I'm going to make that for myself, if not the kids:)

    1. I looooove playdoh recipes. Hopefully, my admin won't mind them...