Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Meek Moose is Feeling Scaly.... Sunday Scoop

You're not supposed to touch your face if you can help it.  Did you know that?  It's like, super germy and makes you sick and what not.  Average person does it four times an hour though.  And we all know, kittens, that I am never average.  Noticed during the football I was watching today that my face is feeling ROUGH.  Time to exfoliate for realz.

But hey- let's make sure I blog at least once a week, yah?

First up- my friend Haley from Owls & Lessons Etc has been doing this quick What We're Learning photo for the past couple of weeks- so I filled one out too!

It's amazingly quick, and makes me feel sorta like I wrote lesson plans.  Even though I didn't.  Again. For the second week in a row.  #ijustcanteven

And then there's the Sunday Scoop from Teaching Trio

 Three -

Pals testing.  Not my favorite.  But I'm half way done.  This also means that half of my eighteen are on the Primer level.  But hey! No where to go but up!

Ben&Jerry's - Yep. Still an emotional eater.  It would be good if I didn't balloon back to where I was last year.  It would be best to keep the weight off.  But dang if Ben and Jerry's don't know how to make ice cream!

Exfoliate - as I mentioned earlier- yeah.  This is pretty bad. I will polish until my chin shines across the ocean.

Two -

Going to bed at a decent hour.  Hmmm. 940pm now.  Small chance of being in bed by ten.  That wouldn't be too bad for a five am wake up call, I suppose.  I'm sure I'll push snooze eight times.

Mice.  It's about time to start them in the classroom.  We've had great observations with the betta fish and the toad we found this past week, so mice are the natural transition. I am loving the interaction with the animals this year.

One -

I listen to a local radio station for my morning commute of an hour and ten minutes. The Morning Show is a nice balance of funny banter and music I can sing along to.  And they do a lot of charity work that I find refreshing.  Every year they have an auction for home decor pieces, and the morning news guy, Robert Allen makes a hand print turkey.  Robert is my local celebrity crush, so this year I decided I must have that turkey!  And I got it!  As well as being recorded saying that I wanted it since I wasn't bold enough to go for a frame-able restraining order.

It will be my happy duty to go pay the station for the print and pick it up and make some sort of outlandish shrine to it on my bedroom wall. Usually people have apparently given it back for him to auction off the next year.  But not me. Nope. Keeping it.

Yep - Hand Turkey. It's got a pasta bow tie.
Have a great week if I don't manage to post again. Blerg.  Time is kicking my butt. Math class tomorrow...but at least I have my homework done this week!


  1. Ugh... PALs... I feel ya, girlie. I have half of my class on Pre-primer and the other half on 2nd grade and up. Glad you could use the photo! I love seeing what everyone else is doing, especially other 2nd grade classrooms :) Have an awesome week!

    Owls & Lessons, Etc.

    1. PALS did not turn out so great for me. 11 out of 18 identified. Sheesh.

  2. I think I'll use that what we're learning poster for my class blog. That's a nice neat summary for parents:)
    18 kids? Just found out I have 24. I haven't had a class that big in years!
    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers Designs

    1. They gave me two more in the last week- but I'll survive. I had 24 last year. It was A LOT.

  3. For the rough face, stop dairy. Fo' reelz. I switched to almond milk and noticed a HUGE difference. I still adore cheese and Greek yogurt, but I don't eat those as much as I used milk (cereal, in my coffee, for cooking, drinking).

    1. Maybe my switch to creamer will be in my favor? But probably not...