Thursday, May 23, 2013

You can't make this stuff up folks...

To update you on the caterpillar drama, he got himself almost completely into a chrysalis, and then exploded. It seems that the demon has fled. But this also means not one stinkin' butterfly will be had. *sigh*
And on a creepier note, even though he's half caterpillar and half chrysalis, and it's been days and days since he exploded and fell to the bottom, if you gingerly pick up the chrysalis, the caterpillar part wags back and forth.  HOLY GUACOMOLE! That's just not right...

I have written to the customer service department to ask for advice and to try to help us figure out what we might have done wrong.  If they please me or cheese me, I shall let you know.  

We ended up being able to go outside and watch another class release their butterflies. First caterpillar envy, now butterfly envy. I'm so very, very flawed...

On a happier note- 

My KinderGarden

Crystal over at My Kinder-Garden is having a giveaway.  And actually- it's  TWO giveaways.  The Meek Moose clipart is part of the prize package in giveaway number two that will begin Saturday- but there are tons of lovely things in both, and you should go and try your luck. Here's the rafflecopter link for giveaway number one:

I even won a book the other day!  Tori at Tori's Teacher Tips had a really great post on teaching Synthesizing, and she had a giveaway for an Aesop's Fables Book by Vincent A. Mastro.  I went with book number one, but I know I will eventually get the other two.  Tori was right, these books will be great for teaching synthesizing to the kids.  And the illustrations are beautiful!  I am very excited for it to come in the mail! Click on Vincent's name to go check them out for yourself.

So, even in a world of exploding demon possessed caterpillars, there can be lollipop and rainbow moments.  Thank the Lord for that.



  1. I think that they should send you a new set of caterpillars. No question about it. They obviously sent a defective batch. :)

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  2. I agree with Sandi. They should send you some more caterpillars. What company did you order from?

    My Kinder-Garden