Friday, May 17, 2013

The Meek Moose Talks Chalk

Julie at The Teaching Bug is having this most excellent linky.  I am looking forward to participating on a monthly basis.

Click this picture to go to Julie's post about this linky, and link up as well!

Our assignment this month:


My Mom.  We drive each other crazy, I know.  Mostly probably my fault, sometimes.  I guess.  Hmph.

But I will say that my mom is special because she is always there for me and my kids and takes great care of all four of us.  My mom taught both my sister and I tons of crafts as kids.  And if she hadn't, hey, what would I be now?  Because of mom, I can sew, and I can cook, and I can bake, and I am not afraid to try different hobby crafts because they all look like so much fun!  I can make my own cards out of construction paper, and I've taken a Bob Ross style painting class because of her, and two years of ceramics, and jiminy!  I use all of this from my past in my classroom today.  I'd be a completely different teacher if she hadn't done all of that with us when we were kids.  And I've talked to other people my age and they didn't have the same experience- so it wasn't the norm.  So my mom is special.  And because of that now I feel special.  And I can only hope that I can pass that on to my kids too.

I already posted about my Mother's day flowers.  And I did a portrait project last year.  Click to see them if you'd like.

Thanks Julie, for the opportunity to reflect on why my mom is a treasure to me.  I'm looking forward to the next chalk talk!

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