Sunday, May 12, 2013

Frontier Culture Museum and a Giveaway

First off, Erin over at I'm Lovin' Lit is having a spectacular 175 follower giveaway.

 So spectacular in fact, that she had to set up three different grade level divisions to fit in all of the goodies.  You can pick your grade group or go for all of them!  You even have a chance at Summer clipart that my sister and I made in the 2nd and 3rd grade grouping. 

Head on over there and make yourself a winner!!!
Now, onto some culture museum...
So, it was/is (we tend to make it quite the week of events) my daughter's ninth birthday.  I was graced by God in the opportunity to NOT have to take her to the roller rink.  Any other Moms with me on this?  I am not a big birthday party sort of person with blinking lights and arcade games and the such.  I bamboozled her into going to The Frontier Culture Museum in Staunton, Virginia.
I've actually been to this place a handful of times on field trips in the past ten years, and my daughter got to go last month- but she said she didn't get to see anything, and was extremely bummed out that they didn't let her go UPSTAIRS in any of the houses.  Which, I admit, always bums me out too.  And they'd opened up a few new exhibits that I hadn't seen yet myself.  We popped in the car for an hour drive and arrived to find ourselves pretty much alone in the parking lot, as everyone had been expecting it to rain all day.  We lucked out with a 73 degree day, a light breeze, and blue skies.
Here are some shots of the houses/countries available to visit:


When it's only 3 people, and not 30, I have to say you see a lot more.  And, not surprisingly, a lot more relaxing.  Still though, I feel bad I can't take my class there, as they are three hours in another direction.  And there were two places we didn't get to, an Indian village and another American farmhouse.  I'd like to go back again to visit this summer, maybe take my teammies with me, maybe take video.  If I can't take my class, maybe I can bring it to them.

If you happen to be traveling around that way- try to carve out a three hour stop.  It's worth it.


  1. I grew up in Staunton, have traveled back to visit family for the last 20+ years, yet I have never been there! And my family is full of museum loving geeks:)
    Your pictures (and fabulous commentary) definitely make me want to make the time to go.

    Teaching in Progress

  2. You MUST go, go, go!
    Did I mention they sell delicious homemade fudge?