Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sensory Poem Scoot

 Been doing some poetry fun with my kids this month.  We've been using Hope King's Ipoetry Playlist, as our reference for the different types of poetry.  I have not been organized enough to do the hugely adorable craft that goes with it, but it has certainly helped set us up with instructions for each type.

I've been using a lot of graphic organizers this year.  At some point, probably back in October, I started to really like this organizer:

I could put a main subject in the middle, with four detail points.  Or even make it five detail points on a singular subject.

I split it into six sections for our sensory poem planning:

This worked really well for us.  We put our emotion/feeling in the middle, and what represented that emotion in the last box.  Then the other boxes were for It looks like, it smells like, it tastes like, it sounds like, and it feels like.

On the first day we made a chart of as many emotions as we could think of, and then picked "excited" as an emotion we wanted to explore.  What were we the most excited about?  Summer vacation, duh!  So we did some visualizing , think pair share stuff for each box, and came up with all sorts of ideas.  Then I let them create their own poem, using suggestions from inside the organizer or something new they thought of.

On our second day, I decided to play scoot.  I wanted to see how they did a little without me.  I chose seven emotions and corresponding situations, like Satisfied- A great meal, frightened - the dark, proud - winning the game, etc.  Then we got into triples and started scooting.  Three minutes with each organizer.

Here are some pics from our second day of exploring the Sensory Poem. 


After we scooted, I taped the posters up one by one on our board and then we talked together about what we came up with.  I made the ones that made the most sense bold in marker and corrected the spelling.  And then the kids picked the one they wanted to work on most and went off to write a poem.

I discovered that on day two- they weren't quiiiiite ready for coming up with stuff in the organizer.  They still need some help there.  I can't tell you how many times somebody put the word bloody or spit in the boxes.  *sigh*  Yeah, I already know who it was.  Sheesh.

Buuut, I did come across these two poems left out haphazardly on a couple of desks.  So, at least two of my kiddos got the gist.

I have to say.  I'm getting addicted to Scoot.

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