Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Art of Photography ~ The Meek Moose Has (more) Issues

So, I've gotten a little nutty about taking pictures.  So nutty, in fact, that this happened.

I was trying to take a picture of a bug egg casing made by insect spit.  True story.  I am THAT geeky.  #flythatfreakflaghigh
However, after the near death thing a couple months ago, I seem to have some lasting nerve damage in my hands.  One shakes all the time, the other lets go of stuff without permission.  I should have grabbed the phone with the shaky hand and just had a blurred egg sack. Or just gotten one off the internet, like this one:

Linked to the photgrapher's site- AMAZING PICTURES on his site. Beautiful work.

And you know what?  here's another way TV has ruined reality- CHUCK.

Cougar Crush. Needs a haircut though.

If I had gone in to Buy More, Chuck would have fixed my phone for me.  I know he would have.  That's not real life though.  Those folks at the "real" establishment won't help you unless you are a member of their service plan.  But whatever- they sent me to another place that had the phone fixed in an hour.  So suck it corporate America! The very handsome man from Korea will forever get my business! Although, I'm really hoping NOT to break my phone again.  But I'm ME- so who knows?
This shall not curb my enthusiasm for taking pictures.  Which, by the way, you can see a lot more of, and much more frequently if you follow me on Instagram or my Face book page- just sayin'.  There are links at the top of the page, kittens.
It turns out- I am a gifted Chicken Photographer.  It's a thing now.  I just made it one.  Here are my lovely ladies, Peep and Ruby.

It's the Charlie's Angels Diva pose.  Natural runway modes, these girls.  Notice the foot forward on Ruby.  She knows how to work it! Ok, yeah, Peep is looking awkwardly ugly right now- but that's what makes her cute.  I'm sure she'll feather in nicely. *fingers crossed* #uglyducklingsyndrome
But the versatility! Here is Peep in her full on Velociraptor:

It's like she's about to charge. Awesome Sauce. I should make a calendar, I should.  Or greeting cards.  It's a toss up.

I also feel pretty good about this one I got of my new Betta.  Not as much of a natural as the chickens though.
And glory be!  The blueberries are in full force this year!  I think it's all the rain we've gotten.  Tomatoes- not so much- as you can see the one lonely one in the bowl there.  But we picked TWO of these bowls worth of blueberries.  And there's more ripening.  Blueberries forevah!  I'm wanting muffins...and pankcakes...and blueberry syrup. Mmmmmmmmmm.

On the selfie-front- I'm not talented.  It might also be because I'm more of a "natural environment" photographer- and the best selfies are taken in the bathroom.  With cords and towels, and toilet paper in the background.  And that's just not my thing.

This here is much more my style.  The suffering of the human condition.  Ninety degree summer, fifty degree basement.  I've slept in my moose hat, velour track suit pants, and a fuzzy cookie monster sweater all week. With the electric blanket on high- I might add. #teachersrockthebestlingerie It's a real mystery as to why I'm single, I know.

I'll leave you with two of my video productions.  The first, a fluff feel-good piece on the man who raised me. His triumphant fixing of the plastic bear arms that embrace my iPad sweetly when I don't have my shaking paws on it.

And the second, my debut as the next Bill Nye.  It's EPIC, I tell you. An egg dissection #fail. I get splattered with egg juice and manage to freak myself out enough to squeal like a #scaredycat. The faces of horror my daughter make in the background, and the wandering in and out of my near-nudist three year old make this Golden Globe material.

Overall, I'm pleased with my finely manicured fingernails in this clip.  And also that I don't seem like I'm "acting".  I was definitely relaxed enough to be the real me.  Yep- I'm that awesome.  The face of The Meek Moose revealed!

Hey- I linked up with Miss Nelson's Saturday Snapshots Linky.  And you should too!

Don't forget the flash, kittens!
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  1. I'm totally cracking up at Peep and Ruby modeling for the camera! Hilarious! Your dad singing was priceless. I would've been doing more than squealing at your dissection. I had to quit at 6 minutes. I didn't want to see the inside. I would've woken everyone up...screaming! The blueberries look YUM!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. Your pictures look great, especially the two little chicks! A calendar sounds like a great idea to me! I'm sorry to hear about your phone. I dropped mine not too long ago. I'm dealing with one big crack until my contract is up next summer. Have a great week!

    Fit to be Fourth

  3. Love the pics of Peep and Ruby. My husband is dying for some chickens. I also loved both videos. Thanks for linking up. I look forward to seeing more of your photos.

  4. Sorry, but I had to laugh while watching the egg dissection. I felt super sad for the unborn chicks, but there were too many funny moments!

    I love your Instagram pictures and thought the Charlie's pose was super cute!

    - Lucy

  5. Love your video of the dissection. Boyzilla with his off camera comments had me cracking up. Definite Golden Globe! I just love little boys, probably because I have 3 of my own that aren't so little any more. You are much braver than I am, I would have stopped once the egg "juice" got on me. Love your pics...but sorry about your phone. At least you were able to get it fixed.

    Luv My Kinders