Monday, June 23, 2014

Baranquilla's Carnaval Parade Day - The Meek Moose Makes a Conga Line (Monday Finished It)

I thought it appropriate to finish up what I started last Monday in this sequel Monday Made It post.  

On Wednesday, my dear Emerson came back for one last morning- and we finished up our costumes, practiced dancing, and then took the parade on the road.

Can you tell he smells delicious in person?  You can tell, can't you?  "Good luck, Middle School Girls!" is all I can say.  I predict a huge spike in the number of girls that sign up for Spanish next year. Aiyiyi.

Anyway- back on track.  I went back to all of the paper vests I had made and added in my "brain blast" fixer-upper idea I had on the commute home on Monday.

I undid the side connection and added in a piece of cardstock as an extender.  This helped the vests stay together much better, and gave them some stability.  I even added another piece across the front to close the vest.  And then I rolled the outside area of the "sleeves" inward so it was a closer fit.  Next year I'll trim the front flaps more so they aren't as wide.

My camera helper this day was more of an "avantgarde" photographer than my previous helper.  She was much more of dash and snap.  I guess next year I'll have to do photography lessons with the kids so that they know to slow down a bit and touch the screen to focus.

Photography lessons wouldn't be bad overall, actually.  A nice way to accentuate communication.

Getting the Queens dressed required a bit more than a cardstock extender.  They had to be stapled into their dressed basically.  The belt they made for themselves helped.  Their big complaint after I stapled them in was that they couldn't sit down.  Phhhht!  Like Queens sit!  they have to stand and wave all day.  What were these girl's thinking, anyway?

 So then we had to practice dancing.  Important to get our moves down before the parade.  Pretty much, I was the only one that needed practice.  My class has rhythm.  Not to worry. But I don't, sweeties. Nope. Nada. It's not going to improve with age.

For my blogger pal, Lucy - It's Brazil!

And then, at long last, it was time to parade.  And yes- I look like a giant bad permed Glinda the Good Witch.  My hair was so large it kept pushing my hat off. Oh well. #ownit

The kids had tons of fun.  And we got to spread the joy to another class, which was awesome!  I very much want to do this again next year- but without Emerson!?! Aiyiyi!  How will I manage?  Maybe a carnaval for each continent will be appropriate.  Party all year. Get down!

So there- I brought "joy to all the little children"! Just as if I was selling Schnitzels.

What did you make?  Join up with Tara at 4th Grade Frolics to tell us all!

!Conga 'til you drop, Kittens!

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  1. I need some dancing lessons from your kids! They certainly do have rhythym. Jealous!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'