Sunday, June 15, 2014

Ode to Captain America, and the Mrs. ~ A Meek Moose Tribute to the Locus Parentus

Captain America ALWAYS knows his jokes are funny.

Today is Father's day.  And I'm realizing I didn't post anything for Mother's Day this year. So I'm going to make sure I include them both today.

At school, if we cover these sorts of holidays, we lead the children in activities of displaying their love and gratitude and mushy mushness.  And I do love my parents.  And I am thankful for them both.  But I was thinking the past couple of days of what they have taught me.  How I am me because of values that they had, passions that they shared.

This past Friday night I could overhear my Dad cackling wildly upstairs.  He was playing Scrabble with my Mom and Daughter.  Obviously, he was winning.  Dad always wins at Scrabble.  He can make 80 points with 2 tiles.  I'm pretty sure he sleeps with a dictionary under his pillow.  Listening to him laugh I realized what my daughter was learning at that moment.  That she'd most likely never win Scrabble, to be sure. But more than that, a love for words.  Loving Scrabble, and loving trying to beat the Supreme Master of Scrabble drives you to study words.  I know he passed that to me.

Whenever something is broken, and I still want it- I just take it to my Dad.  

The left arm of my Bear iPad holder arm broke.  I don't want to lose my bear!  I don't want a one armed bear either.  I gave it to Dad last night, and when I went upstairs this morning, I found that he'd cannibalized some sort of fish tank part to replace the gear that held the arm in place.  He does this sort of thing all the time.  He's taught me that every problem can be solved if you look for the right materials. Therefore I exercise ingenuity and creative perspective because of him.

Both of my parents taught me about work ethic.  How you give your all, do the best that you can, and you keep your word.  They both read to me for hours and never said No when my sister and I asked to buy a book. I am a reader and a writer because of my parents.

I am thankful that my mother taught me how to sew and craft, and make things.  She loved to do these things herself, and she passed the passion on to both my sister and I.  And I think we are better people for it.  We have something to offer the world that isn't too common anymore. And even though it has, on many occasions, driven me crazy how she wants each stitch and glob of glue to be perfect in her own work- it has taught me not to be satisfied with my own work if I know I could have done it better.  Why settle for a flaw that is in your control to fix?  Care about your product- let it reflect who you are.

Both mof my parents taught me TO READ THE DIRECTIONS.  I'm the stinker and don't always follow them- but at least I read them over.

My Mother always supported my desire to cook and try new recipes.  Even though I know they must have been truly horrible.  But because of that- now I can confidently combine things and design recipes that are actually pretty tasty.  It was the experimenting and failing without pressure that helped me learn what worked and what didn't.

My Dad always kept aquarium fish. He had many books on different types of fish, and kept the tanks pristine and the fish well cared for.  A couple of years ago he stopped keeping fish.  I'm not exactly sure why- maybe he was satisfied enough with the Koi Pond he built in the back yard - but I know that through the years, watching him care for the fish and other animals that came into our lives, he gave me a love for animal husbandry in a sense.  He is supporting me with the new endeavor with the chickens- even though I'm relatively sure he wouldn't have suggested it on his own.

My Dad loves miniature trains and my Mom loves miniature houses.  And from them both I love all sorts of small little environments as well. Playing with these sorts of items honed my imagination.  I wouldn't be a dreamer if it hadn't been for them.

My parents have taught me a million things.  Made me into what I am.  There's more that I can't even possibly capture at this moment.  I'll keep noticing though.  Watching for them in me and why it's there.

My Mom, my Sister, and My dad in New Zealand

What are you, because of them?

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  1. That's a very sweet and touching account of your relationship with your parents. They sound like great people!
    Thank you for sharing your story - it made me think of my own!

    - Lucy

  2. Very nice! I learned, from your parents, that cops (former and current) have this look that makes you think you did something terribly wrong when you just walked into the room and that Angela Lansbury IS hideous. I do miss them, though. They allowed us to be creative, lame, crazy, inventive, childish, responsible, and the best of friends. I thank them for that.

  3. What a wonderful blog! My parents were not like yours so I guess what I learned is how to rely on myself. I am your newest follower. Jodi

  4. Your parents sound AMAZING! You had me cracking up about the bear arm being fixed and your dad always winning Scrabble. I have a feeling I'd enjoy hanging out at your house! :)
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'