Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Pea-utiful Goodbye

So today was it with the kids.  I would have had more time to get a good cry on, except that we had a torrential downpour at dismissal, so our goodbyes were quick to say the least.  I totally cried at the faculty meeting though when we had to say goodbye to my ESOL buddy, Marilu.  I admit to being just as crushed over Flamingo Fabulous leaving the roost- but I also know that we shall continue to text incessantly and meet up regularly.  But dear Marilu- she's going back to Mexico, and I will have to satisfy myself with Skype and email.  And it's just so upsetting.  She's like a sister to me. *Super big sniff.*

I must regroup and distract myself....here- there's a better thought...

Back when we first planted our beans we had worked out that we should have a bean pod by the 18th of June.  I had told them to bring me one on the last day- this little cherub remembered!!!  Three or four others reported that they had one growing as well, but not quite big yet.

Sooooo proud!
Success! And validation.  I will plant again!  Just maybe, earlier...
I also was successful in my plan to eradicate some more junk from my room in the form of a Grab and Go shopping session with the kids.  They were ever so happy to take away the things I do not need anymore, thus clearing out four plastic bins for me.  My dreams of having a quick pack up are coming to fruition!
A random bag of booty. 
Bags provided by me, as I was needing to get rid of them as well.  Basically I put out everything I didn't want or need out onto the desks and randomly called student numbers to grab one thing and go- we did round after round until not a bit of anything was left.  I did this four different times in the last two weeks, and have cleared out a considerable amount of clutter.  One little girl even told me yeaterday, "My Mom said I can't bring anymore of your stuff home.  She doesn't have anywhere to put it!"  Ha!
But when it comes to my belongings, I just had to let the stuff go.  I was holding onto it for "the future", for "maybe one day" and all that.  And it's got to stop.  I had such a horrible time packing up last year, and unpacking this year- and I promised myself not again.  And it's working!
Today I have all of my check out signatures except my end of the year review with my principal, turning in my keys, and having the custodian sign off on my room - and I wasn't even in a panic about the signatures I got today.  I was READY!
As far as the room goes tomorrow- I have very little to do - just dust, put four boxes up on the counter- label my furniture and take down one bulletin board.  I'll be done by noon.  Which is a huge improvement from last year when I had to take two extra days and still didn't really finish.  And I'm going to have tons of empty containers when I'm all through!  Excited!  Except for that I have to take all the containers home for the summer I guess- might make my mom happy- maybe.  But STILL- I am in super shape I tell you.  I shall take pictures of the closet that I am exceedingly proud of tomorrow.
So what will be next for me?  Sounds like it's time to think up some Summer Goal plannin'!

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