Thursday, June 20, 2013

Packed Up

I got it all finished in a splendid fashion!  What a relief to know that everything is lovely and organized, and it all FITS!!! A huge change from a year ago when I left it a ridiculous mess and fretted all summer knowing what a chore it would be to sort out in August.
And what it all comes down to is the amount of stuff.  It was hard to let go of things this year. Difficult to change a long held mindset of keeping things because they could be useful potentially, even though I didn't have a use for them at that moment.
I did everything I could to give away every bit that had potential. So I'm not feeling like things got wasted or tossed unnecessarily. But it was also a mind adjustment to realize that not everyone sees potential in all objects- sometimes they just see junk. And in that vein, if I'm going to experience guilt over objects- then don't keep something that might have to be thrown away because I'm the only one crazy enough to see what it could be used for. If I am not going to turn it into something right then- dont take it.
We'll see if I can stick to that.
My lovely closet as promised.  The dangling strap doesn't help with the loveliness, but I am exceptionally pleased that most of my little things fit nicely in the totes and are easy to see through.
These are the types of bins I've been using.  I got mine at Target- but I've seen similar styles just about everywhere.  I really like the latch feature on the sides.  And they stack GREAT!  I like them a bit better than the shoe box style, only because they fit papers so well.  But shoe boxes still have their place in the world, and my heart, so I'm sure I won't go solely to this type.

The great thing about not having to switch rooms, is that I was able to keep all of my things on my built-ins.  I went through everything first and purged, of course- and then cleaned out the kids' cubbies and used those to store my books from the library.  So awesome to just take the basket from the library and shove it into a cubby.  Although, I did notice as I did this that a couple of my baskets are broken, and then they are heavy, and that made me think I need to find a new container system for my library.  Summer project...
The other side of my room is a long counter.  We are not to store anything on the computer counter, as Tech will be coming through this summer to update everything (YAY!), but there was still plenty of counter space left.  I used my big bins here- and my Dymo (love, love, love my Dymo!) to label the bins so anyone that comes into the room can know what's in them.  I do admit to labeling one "Yep, I gave up on this one" simply because I was down to one boxes worth of stuff on the back table and I just decided to be done.  At least I know there isn't anything in it that I plan to junk.  It's just a mishmash of supplies.  I'll sort it out in August.  Give myself just one box to worry about I suppose ;)
And here's the last bits- still on the back counter.  Slightly more precarious, but it's STACKED and off the floor!  Woot!

And joy of joys, this is the only furniture I need to bother with!  I'm getting rid of my desks and moving to tables next year- so this is IT.  For now.  I am also seriously considering getting rid of my teacher's desk- but I doubt if that will fly.  Think of the extra room though!
What have I learned this year about organizing and getting rid of excess?
1) It's easier.  So many times people came to my room asking "Do you have....?" and I knew exactly where it was and could get it right away.  Except for paperwork- I have not figured out how to organize the papers I use on a daily basis.
2) I loved the feeling of how easy it was to put everything away.  I loved knowing I was going to be done on time and not in a panic.  I was proud of myself from turning it around completely from the situation I started in.
3) Knowing what I have helps me make decisions about what I really need.  I usually have a lot of little toys and things about the room for decoration - and in packing up I realized that I don't need these things to have a good looking room.  Packed them up and brought them home.  That'll be some extra space come August.  I did keep my Moose toys though.  Stick with the theme and all that.  But the other little bits are not necessary, and dear Babyzilla loves stuffed animals, so there we are.  Everybody happy.
4) I do have a lot of teacher books.  And I don't use them.  Even though there are great things inside.  Next year, I'm going to have to take a hard look a those, and if I don't use them, it's time to visit McKay's used books.  I can use that shelf space for better things.
Did anyone else have some revelations during their packing up experience?

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  1. I have been cleaning, purging, and organizing all of my teaching items (that I've collected over the past 16 years) in my basement. I've found things that I totally forgot about and could have used in the past years. Like you, I've labeled what is in every drawer and bin. One thing I did purchase were 3 large artist's
    portfolios that I store all of my decorations and bulletin board sets. I typed up lists for each portfolio, so I know what is in each (lang. arts and math, social studies and science, and holiday, themes, and general
    Teaching Special Kids