Monday, July 7, 2014

Modeling Clay Mayhem - The Meek Moose Makes Something on Monday

So, pre-kidney stone, I had attended Wetlands Bootcamp.  And it was awesome!  I had a grand time.  You can find tons of pictures on both Instagram and my facebook page of my week.  And I may even write a post about it.  Just not sure yet.  I have to say- once I start Instagramming and Facebooking, it's like, didn't I already write a blog post about that?

But I swear- by the end of this post- you will see how I sort of made this thing right here:

Except, now that I'm looking at this extra large picture, I think mine is, um, really not smart.  It's supposed to be a model to show kids the effects of erosion, pollution, the water cycle, and the wetlands.  I thought it was awesome, and I thought I wanted one for me too.  But now, maybe I should have just offered her money for hers...

Before we get to it- two things.  First- let's check in on the Meekster, eh?  How is she doing a week out from the 6mm Crisis?

Hello?  Is it me you're looking for? #lionelritchieface
 I'm hoping the face says it all. I have a training tomorrow- so I'm really hoping I have a different face on.  I'm thinking the complete absence of pain medication from my body will help. The facial expression anyway.  Not sure how that's going to work out for the kidneys.

Second- A quick link to The Teacher Tribune Monday Meet Up #6.  Because I enjoy writing random things about myself in cute little posters.

Okay- back to business.  Monday Made It:

Let's make an erosion/pollution/landform model.  You need a paint tray as a base.  I tried to get everything at the Dollar Tree- I'm a bit strapped for cash this summer after the five weeks of leave- so I'm counting coins.  However- there was a problem with the paint tray from the Dollar Tree.

Cracked by the time I got home.  This is probably why i was only a dollar.
So then, I had to get naughty.  I had no choice. I went and took the paint tray from the garage under my Dad's tools.  ONE- it was under a BUNCH of stuff, so he won't notice it's gone. TWO - he hasn't painted in years.  THREE- It's not like I'm going to get caught.  He doesn't read my blog. and my sister won't tell.  I'm assisting witht he purging of unused objects, I am.

So, here we are.  It's just not, well, pretty.
The supplies. Sponge brush, craft paint, modeling clay.
painting done

 I painted the sides light blue, the bottom portion dark blue, and the flat part green.  Basic sky, water, land areas.  I wanted this in case the modeling clay didn't do quite the job I was hoping.  Plus, it was starting to look like the two packs I bought from the Dollar Tree weren't going to be enough.

The key with the clay was to pinch off small bits and really ribbon them out as much as possible to cover the most area.  I didn't need a thick amount of clay on the tray. Just enough to press a Lego into.

building up the water
adding in strips of land

 And then here's my final.   But I just like how Dee's looked better. Maybe I'll go back and re-position the clay...there's a thought to keep me up all night.

I will be back with a video demonstration of how it works though!  I promise.   In the meantime- have you made anything that turned out in a way that you liked?  Go share with Tara!

 One day, I'll actually make something right on these Monday Made Its...

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  1. Octavia! I love your clay erosion model (does it have a name?). I think you did an awesome job.
    In high school French we had to pick a new name for ourselves. Mine was Georgette. Haha. Have no idea why I picked it. I think I like Octavia much better.

  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog and following me! I followed you in blog lovin!

    Amanda @ Old House to New Home