Thursday, August 15, 2013

Cue the trumpets!

And then make them be quiet because I am super tired and still have one more five am wakeup call.

But folks, I just wanted to let all my kittens know that everything at the TPT store is going to be for sale for the Big Back to School shindig TPT is throwing.

Here's a little advertisement Octavia Jones at Ink n Little Things made up for everybody:

Have you heard of Ink n Little Things? Aside from having the most awesome name ever- Octavia Jones- I could only wish to have a name like that... if you click her button there you will be magically transported to the greatest dachshund clipart pack EVER- which I purchased as soon as I saw it.  I dearly hope she makes a dachshund set for every holiday of the year, even obscure ones like Juan Ponce de Leon day.  I will be waiting...

Thanks for making advertisements for everybody- much appreciated!
Coming up though- so that this isn't a complete dud of an ad post- I did get in four hours in my room on Wednesday.  And GUESS WHAT??? I actually got everything put away and even started decorating.  Yeppers!  That's right, kittens- getting rid of 3/4 of my stuff turned out to be AWESOME!  I have (cue Taylor) never, ever, Eeeevvvvvvaaaaahhhh! had such an easy "unpacking" experience.  I am ready to roll on Monday with some other d├ęcor touches- maybe Tuesday also- but that's all I'll need and then three glorious days ahead of me in which I can do nothing but PLAN- whoop whoop!  Also, never experience that before.  And it won't even be teacher workdays yet!  So I don't even have to technically go in all of those days- and honey beans! I  just might not! (insert evil finger drumming- exxxxcellent)
Sneaky peeky, yeah? Ok.  But it's NOT FINISHED. 
A taste- that's it.  One chocolate chip for today.  I got rid of desks and moved to tables.  I've got a book case at the end of each one ( but I am attempting to trade for two-shelvers instead of three so that it's flush with the table).  Each case has a moosey on top.  Each table has a shelf liner running the length to separate personal space.  Each moosey is sitting on a bamboo mat.  The book cases are going to hold their "supplies" of limited quantities mind you- cause we are going to be super organized by force!  And also, I am going to ask them to bring in family photos no bigger than 4X6 to put in frames to go on either side of the moose.  I'm making this place look pretty, comfy, homey, and not too crazy with the sensory overload.  More on that next week.
I have some paper to put up, and curtains on my cabinets. Which I will be operating a glue gun for- so look out! (might be headed for the emergency room with my luck)
Ok, one more chip- I made this little guy to go on the windowsill:
I've impressed you- I can tell- so we've got to set this straight:

Still in the running for mother of the year- fussed at him for walking so slow until I turned around and saw this.  Now, look closely.  Yep.  That's right.  I am that AWESOME. Or blind.  Take your pick.
nighty night!

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  1. Hahahahaha his shorts! Adorable little boy though! I just bought bookcases to go with my desk teams. Let's hope they work!

  2. I love your bookcase, moose, picture idea.
    Your room is going to be warm and restful ~ love it!
    Barbara @
    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers Blog Designs