Sunday, November 4, 2012

Lining Up is a Piece of (Cheese)Cake

There was a post I had read over the summer, or last spring about a song a teacher was using as just a fun moment in her classroom.  Classically, I cannot find the post again or remember the post-er, so if it's you, or if you know WHO, then please let me know so I can give credit where credit is due.  Wahoo- I just went all Seussy on that.

Moving forward...

Here is the song by Louis Armstrong:

I have noticed that this particular video always has a commercial before it, just so that you're aware of that.  But regardless, it is a great song!  Granted, my second graders are super music lovers this year, but I think it just has a playful fun quality that any group would enjoy. 

As far as becoming our lining up song, it started out easily enough that it was just a song I played at the end of the day as we packed up and got in our bus line.  And then one day, I said, "Hey gang, let's make a line up procedure with this song to help us with our goal".  (They were wanting to work on making a quick and quiet line that week.  Ah, me.  I just love my class this year.)  So we decided that I would say, "Line Up, Cheesecake."  and they would respond "Gobble Gobble, line up!"  It sort of works out that they get to say those four words, and know not to say anything afterwards until we get to our destination. 

Also, our school taught them in Kindergarten and First grade to walk "with a bubble in their mouths"  while in the hallway.  It makes for an incredibly long line of spectacularly bizarre fish faces.  Smushy cuteness on kindergartners.  Isn't that adorable on first graders! But second graders are sort of, "What the hey?  I know I look ridiculous doing this."  However, adding in this Gobble Gobble cheesecake dealio, they started walking with a bubble in their mouths again.  And I said to one of them one day, "Hey!  Nice Bubble, kiddo!"  And he said, "No, No, Ms. M.  It's not a bubble.  My mouth is full of cheesecake."  And so there we are.  We can't talk in the hallway because our mouth is full of cheesecake.  Works for me.

Loving every minute this year!  Hope you are enjoying yours as well.


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