Saturday, November 3, 2012

Grading My Grading Ability is Greatly Grating

Awhile back I made a new school year's resolution to keep up with my gradebook this year, and not wait until the last minute to do it.  And this was based on how I didn't log in any of my grades last year at all until the computerized gradebook was due to the main office for archiving.  So I was hoping to be organized enough to keep up with the grades as they happened so I wouldn't have that mad rush at the end of the year.  I'm giving myself an S- in this category for my first quarter.  Since, I uh, just entered them all in now and the first quarter ended Friday.

However, I'm not failing myself completely, since for one, I actually have my grades and report cards done FOUR WHOLE DAYS before they are due.  Clearly I've been taken over by an alien.  Gee, I hope she diets and exercises for me before I have to return to my own body. 
Two, because of my awesome upkeep with my daily lesson plans over the last nine weeks, it was quite easy to look them over and see which grades I cared to enter into the gradebook and what date applied correctly.  Super stoked about that.
And three, doing this process this evening at home, made me realize that it would be easy enough for me to do on a weekly basis while I was creating my lesson plans for the week if I would just not be lazy about it.  IF, and JUST, and LAZY being key words for me. Ah well, maybe one day I'll grow up.

Looking back on the first quarter, I've decided to give myself the following grades and comments:
Class Management: S (I'm a helluva lot better than last year, but still room to improve )
Writing: S+ (I am rocking this out this year)
Reading S (But I'm learning a lot with the Jan Richardson Workshops, so perhaps S+ is in my future)
Math S- (I'm struggling with small groups and I'm behind in my pacing.  Boooooo)
Inquiry NS (I am still totally sucking this year.  Gahhhhhhhhh)
Teachery Duties: S (Overall, since I'm rocking keeping up with lesson plans, but I'm an S in general organization, and an S- in grading, so there we are.  Fence sitting.)

I'm not sure how I feel about my report card.  I wonder what my kids would give me?  I wonder what my colleagues would give me? But, it's good to reflect.  It's good to notice my shortcomings.  I might post this near my desk so I can try to focus more this next quarter.  Anybody else grading themselves?


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  1. I am totally behind on putting my grades in. And dating them correctly. The best I've got is putting the "Week of" date since my kids turn things in at random times throughout the week because they're never in the room or present all at once.

    So yeah, definitely an S- on the grading front.