Saturday, October 13, 2012

Return from The Phantom Zone

Two super duper geek points is the title means anything to you! But let's move forward.

What the Hey, yeah?  I have no idea either.  Except I got completely wrapped up in my job.  Which shouldn't be a bad thing, but it is, sorta sad, on a "You remember you have a family and outside interests don't you?" sort of level.  I did manage to get myself and my kids to a park today though.  Went on a swing set, attempted to go down a slide.  Got a little stuck.  Found out I was a wee bit claustophobic.  Then went down another slide, and thought I would die from the g-force.  Was childhood always so near death?  Or am I just too big for the play equipment?  Which is also sort of sad, in a "you are so fat from your emotional eating, put down that donut and have some self respect" kind of way.  Big BUT(T) here.. it's pumpkin donut season, and I have TOO much self respect to miss out on that.

Anyway- things have been going well.  Six weeks down.  I've had my entire week planned out by Sunday morning for all six weeks. Still mostly organized in the classroom.  I seem to have a pile that travels from my back table to my desk on a daily basis that I can't seem to conquer.  But I think this is my week to be queen of the mountain.  Maybe.  Depends on the donut intake.  Classroom decor, hermmmmm, still not so hot.  I did manage to get myself a high school teacher cadet helper though- so there is bulletin board paper on the back board now.  It's blank.  But it's blue.  So it's calming.

Two weeks ago I started the homework folder idea I had last year.  At the moment, it only has their leveled reading books and some math games in it, but every few days I add something else to it, and if I get it humming this year, it'll be a breeze next year.  Thus far I like the system.  I don't have to assign work on a daily basis, or handle paperwork.  The kids are actually doing the work longer than the required amount of time because they "think" it's their choice.  I am a teacher ninja!

Have my sub folder up-to-date, and it's working out super well- except for the fact that the subs that have been coming into the building seem to feel like I should only be having them sing songs and play games and watch videos all day- so they ignore my binder.  ***big heavy frustrated sigh***  You can lead a horse to water....yada yada.

I'm having mixed success with small group math.  Very successful with one-on-one interviews and taking annecdotal records, and using those notes to create groups.  Buuuuut- I'm behind in my pacing.  By a week.  So it's all about playing catch-up.  And I hate that feeling.

Writer's Workshop is thus far my favorite.  I feel like I've been doing it justice this year.  Have already written two sample stories with the kids, half way through my third.  Made many many anchor charts, have them keeping themselves organized in their writing folders.  Having success with them keeping up with table boxes of writing supplies that are stored conveniently in the crate seats.

Our guided reading schedule is a go, and it's at break neck speed! From 9:50 to 11:00 I am a nonstop reading machine switching between mini lesson and three groups, and then I have a fourth after lunch.  It is not my favorite time of day, since it goes so quickly and I despise not having any transition time.  I feel that circus music theme going through my head every day for an hour. I've been keeping up with my running records folder and all though- so hooray for my new effeciency.

My PYP sciecne/social studies time is a big poopy though.  I have not done it justice.  All of the excitement I had for my econ unit last year is lost this year.  Maybe Econ just needs to be last.  Grr.  Had some great read-alouds though.  So at least there was that.  And we're starting a new unit on Maps this week, so maybe things will get back to normal.

I have hopes of getting back to my blogging schedule.  I even typed up a plan today.  So everybody grab a donut, and settle in for the fall...


  1. No super geek points for me - but I could ask my daughter's boyfriend to fill me in (he is currently running to get in shape for Humans vs Zombies - a highlight of his year). Glad your year is getting underway, and glad to "see" you in the blog world again.

    rubberboots and elf shoes

  2. You have been BOO-ed! Come check it out:-)

    Chickadee Jubilee