Monday, October 15, 2012


I had planned on doing a writing post for today- but Geezey Louisey I got all wrapped up in writing sub plans. - in a very minimalist way, mind you, because I'm FORCING them to use the binder, by crikey!- Still though, I was being thorough, I suppose.

Anyway- I used this video today in math and my kid LoooooooooooVeeeeeed it!  I have some serious dancers this year, I have to say.  Great things about this video- the beat is good, even no-rhythm me can shake my hips to this one.  It goes over skip counting by fives ( granted, it's just going to be a musical memory tool, and I still have to do the leg-work with teaching the WHY and WHEREFORE of skip counting, but ding dang, if it isn't catchy!) It's definitely a nice little cardio pick me up after any lengthy time spent slowly rotting away at their desks.

Give it a whirl if you've never seen it before. 

And isn't it sweet that the hand model guy is married?  Snarf. Yeah, yeah.  I know, bitter, jaded divorcee rears her ugly head...but it's comical, so I think we'll all just ignore my snarky-ness.  Start exercising, peeps! ;P

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