Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Summer has Arrived - The Meek Moose Gets Current

Like one of those corporate guys who answers his phone with "Go!" We're just going to dive right in. Pretend I haven't been away for months.  Roll with it, Kittens.
3, 2, 1 ... Blast OFF!


My youngest is four.  He is the exact definition of a boy:

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He is armed with my horse riding boot and a SpiderMan balloon from the Dollar Store.  I don't believe the balloon stands a chance.  But I'm thankful he is not thinking it would be funny to hit me with the boot.

My apologies to the state of Florida.  His Grandmother informed him that saying words like f*ck, sh*t, or damn "Make God really sad!".  So now he has for some reason adopted "Florida" as his go to curse word.  We are assuming that, like us, God is having soda go up his nose each time the boy rages since my mother hasn't said anything about it.

But look out, Gulf of Mexico!  You may be next.


The horseback riding lessons began as a birthday gift for my daughter.

But then she went on vacation to Disney World, the lucky duck, and I took her lesson for the week.
I look like a natural, no?

Eventually- the horse named Tom and I worked out a deal where he grumpily allowed me to ride him as long I tried to not take too many pictures.  He's not much of a Diva.  He's older, completely happy with going last in line, and is very much in tune with his "inner mosey".  Which is fine.  I don't really have any fantasies about galloping through the fields of barley or anything.

I hope to go once a week for the rest of the summer.  I'm not sure what I will be able to manage when school starts again- but I will hold off thinking about that for now.  

Riding is very peaceful.  They are majestic animals with beautiful eyes and soft snuffly noses. It is immensely relaxing to brush his coat and comb his mane and pat him gently on the neck.


I disrupted my peaceful bliss by reading all three Hunger Games books over the weekend on my Kindle.  I'm blaming Flamingo Fabulous.  We watched the second movie on our beach vacation together and she was saying how the books were better than the movies. (Aren't they always?  Why did I have to think I needed to know for myself?)

I was fine until the end of the third book.  It was disappointing with Finnick of course, but I was ruined for life in the last chapters with Prim.  And just when I was almost over it- they brought in the damn cat, limping home after more than a week's journey in the wilderness. "FLORIDA!!!!!!" I scream from the rooftops. "Gulf of Mexico!"

I cried for a good hour.  I hate those books.  I refuse to watch the third and fourth movie.

Now I need something happy to read. Help me  dear people!




My daughter took a video of me the other day, and I had to come to come to terms with it.  I've gone spherical.

And I don't want to be.

But I don't want to be a stick either.  I do not want to ever give up bread.  I just want to fit into pretty clothes and not look like I'm about to explode out of them.

So, I'm looking at trying to change my eating habits, and possibly exercise.  I say possibly because I'm not a fan of sweating.  But I found some funny work out posters that appeal to my sense of humor, so I think I will give it a go.

Click to link to tons of other workout posters
This site used to have lots of superhero themed ones- but then DC Comics got a bit hot and bothered and told them to take it all down. But whatever.  I will still pretend it is the WonderWoman workout- so take that DC comics!  

But yeah, I don't see myself being able to do any of those things in the middle there...


Let's think this through- I spent the weekend reading three books I didn't have to read.  and I just made my bed for the sake of being able to write the sentence that I made my bed.  And my plans after this post is to very probably play Sims4 indefinitely because I am at that level of slug.

I should be getting my mind wrapped around switching grade levels next year.  And getting some materials made for teaching about the brain that I'm absolutely fascinated over.  But I can't seem to get myself out of the let-me-sleep-until-noon funk.

*HeavySigh* Meh.

Be sure to head over to Farley's blog to post your own Currently, and read up on some other fabulous things teachers who are not in a funk are doing.

Peace out, Kittens!


  1. I found you at Farley's. I love your blog! So cute! As for your definition of boy, it's right on. Mine just hasn't discovered dirt yet. But I know that's coming. I'm trying to mentally prepare myself. But I think that's impossible. I'm with you on the snacks and exercising. Trying to get back into running as it's something I enjoyed. One step at a time, right? Lol! Enjoy the time to do nothing while you can. We know all to well it's short lived. Take care!
    Mrs. Landry's Land of Learning

    1. Haha! Your boy will find it soon enough. And it will be okay, I swear. They maintain their cuteness - they're just smudged up a bit. Nothing a bath won't fix.

  2. Good luck with your fitness journey! I am in the middle of one right now and it is fun, at times, when I don't want to die. I love bread too! In all seriousness, I have been taking pictures of myself so I can track my progress throughout and that has been one of the most rewarding parts. Rachelle from What the Teacher Wants shared an amazing fitness journey on her blog if you need some inspiration. :) Good Luck!

    Ms Richards's Musings

    1. I will have to check out that blog- thank you so much for the recommendation!

  3. Oh. my. word! I LOVE your blog name and design! SO CUTE! But I love moose. In fact my niece and nephews gave me a HUGE stuffed moose about 4 years ago. Its so large and always in the way, but I love him! I love the "Florida" choice! Make up swear words are the best! ;)

    1. Another moose lover, excellent! Did you know Kohl's was selling the stuffed animal from "If you Give a Moose a Muffin"? Do they have Kohl's over there by you? It was worth the $5- let me tell you!
      I'm in to moose because I grew up in Alaska. I see that you've got family working the cannery gig up there this summer.

  4. I have always wanted to take horseback riding lessons. I feel like I'm at one with animals…still working on that humans thing. I spent a lot of time taking pictures of the Clydesdales at Busch Gardens yesterday, probably more than your average bear! Best of luck on your fitness journey. I desperately need to cut my sugar intake down, but I really love all things sweet! Can't wait to see you at the end of the month!

    Mrs O Knows

    1. We will have to go horseback riding together! It'll be tons of fun!

  5. You are so funny! Love that definition of boys! So true. I was disappointed by the ending too! I have decided that I will no longer watch movies where I have already read the book-never as good and I always know what happens.

    Not Just Child's Play

    1. Still recovering from it. I read it on the Kindle, so my only way of coping was "deleting from the device"! Take that Hunger Games! Had I had the paper version I might have thrown it against the wall- but I kept my cool with the electronics.

  6. This is just fantastic! I wish you wrote more!
    Not very fancy in 1st

    1. Thanks, Deb! I hope to get back to blogging regularly. My first year I made myself blog once a day- and then decided that wasn't a good idea. But I'm not good without a deadline, apparently- so maybe I need to make rules for myself again.