Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Meek Moose Wants to Be an Engineer

I became part of a collaborative blog, Ladies With Class, and it launched this week.  I've been thinking that it was a rather silly thing for me to do, as I blog so sporadically during the school year anyway- but then again, since I may only blog on the collaborative gig once a month- it's not a shabby deal.

My first post on the collaborative blog is up. Engineering and Coding are two of my favorite things. I've shared lots of video clips of my kids in action, on the computer, with Marble Run, and creating Domino Rallies. Hope you like it and feel inspired to add it into your day as well!

There are also two other posts, one on Motivational Tools by Yara at Sea of Knowledge; and another on Writing Biographies in Second Grade by Tara at Looney's Literacy.  Please check out all three!

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