Monday, August 18, 2014

No Way! ~ The Meek Moose Might Have Actually Made Something!


Iiiiiiiiiiii kinda made something.  That wasn't a total fail, either! *shocked face*

 But, I know you love the carnage- so here- my first "Made It":

I have an ugly foot.  I'm admitting it freely, so you don't have to be all "OOooooooo- does she know she has a nasty foot?"  Yes.  Yes, I do.  I soaked it in the Listerine/Vinegar thing that is all over Pinterest and Facebook. Claims that the dead skin just "falls right off"
Ummmmm, no. No it did NOT.  What it *did* do, was dye my foot blue.  Listerine blue.  And I had to scrub it off with a Brillo pad. - THIS, my friends, is probably the part that makes the skin "fall right off".  Two days later, my foot is back to the right color, except for my toe nail.  That, is still blue. And my foot is still ugly.
There.  I satisfied all of you yearning to watch the train wreck.  Moving forward...

I attempted Mod Podge again with some glitter clips I am making for my teacher buddy and I.  We detest having to change bulletin boards constantly, so last year we covered one side of our hallway with sunny yellow craft paper, pretty scrapbook paper squares, and glittery clothespins, one for each student.  They could just go out and put their work up and we never had to mess with it.

While I was out for six weeks after the car wreck and near death experience, and she was out on maternity leave- some kind soul "helped" us out by taking down the whole thing and throwing every bit of it away!  EVEN the clothes pins.  Sounds bitter and angry if you ask me.  Somebody was clearly hatin' on our display.  But whatevs- kittens!  I braved the *podge* and made some more! - I'll show you our new display once I get it up this week.

OOOOoooo- didn't I mention?  I got to go into my classroom today and start setting it up before Teacher Week next Monday.  You should like, *totes* follow me on Facebook to get up-to-the-second snark, yo!  Click that moose track up there with the FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF for fabulous.  Or click right *here* and it'll take you right there.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program... check this out:

I used a laundry basket to dry my pins.  It was perfect! Also a hot day with relatively low humidity worked in my favor as well.  I painted the clips first with craft paint.

Then I "painted" on liquid Elmer Glue (Elmer, you redeemed yourself!) to shake the glitter onto.  I am using the lid to a Sterilite plastic container as my work tray.  This lid is going to save my life during this glitter fest!

I found this plastic bin lying around, and used it turned upside down as a "glitter drying station".  Also a stroke of genius.  And if you don't want to be waiting around for my irregular posts- then you need to go find me on Instagram- and get the genius as it's happening.  Which- just to be upfront here- isn't all that often.  Mostly it's pictures of chickens.  But you know every once in a while you NEED a good chicken picture.  Back on track...

While the glitter was drying, I needed to RECLAIM what had gotten shaken out all over the tray.  Good glitter is expensive!  I am not wasting this stuff, especially when I hardly use it because it makes me upset when it gets all over my hands and my palms are sweaty and it just sticks there and never comes off and I touch things and it's like I'm effin King Midas of the glitter touch and AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Seriously.  Glitter is out of my comfort zone.  Just wear gloves you wuss! Ummm, ew.  That's so much more sweaty than just my normal level of dork.  No thank you.

That Sterilite Lid was PERFECT.  I just had to tappy-tap the glitter to the sides and lead it down the channel back into my glitter tube. Majority of the glitter reclaimed.  Some casualties of course, but nothing major.

Then it was time to Mod Podge- and my genius luck had run out.  As soon as I opened the stupid jar I spilled a great big glob of it on my pants. #@%#HJGSGD$#$%#$%.  Anyway.
Dried glitter clips back on my work basket from painting, and I painted on the Mod Podge. Aside from my pants, there were no other mishaps. Keeping it in a small container and using a reallllllly long brush apparently helped me avoid other catastrophes.

And then I put them on the laundry basket to dry and went inside to further pursue the crafty arts with some scrapbook paper.

Now- I have NEVER done back to school treat bags.  At least, I'm pretty sure I never have.  But I don't know- I got possessed or something this year.  I'll first blame the Target Dollar Spot.  They had cute Crayola tissue packs. Crayola is one of my celebrity crushes.  If they come out with some sort of Brawny towel man frontman- or Mike Rowe, I am DONE for. Take note, Crayola! (I vote Mike Rowe all the way!) 

Target also had cute pencils and apple erasers and stickers.  It became a bit of a scene.  I ended up using snack size ziplocs to put the little treat in.  But you know what doesn't fit in a snack size ziploc?  Or any ziploc really except for a gallon size bag- the dang pencil! 

As it luck would have it- my "addictive" personality had latched onto scrapbook paper recently, and I had these neat little six-by-six squares.  Did you know that when you fold them in half they perfectly cover a snack size ziploc?  Who knew?  NOT me!  But now I do.  I ended up making myself some sticker labels as I imagined that I would use these to attach the pencil.

But- no.  I didn't like how it looked.  So OUT comes my new Fiskars paper punch!  Wowza!  I used my wrist- A LOT to make little tent toppers for my treat bags. 

 But- this meant that I could slide the pencil through after a couple of precision placed staples and....VOILA!  I'm actually pretty proud of them.  I *may* even try to make birthday treat bags. But  I'm not promising.

Alright- I'm wiped, kittens.  I moved furniture today and watched my bestie Karen hang wrapping paper for me with a flawless seam and glue gun like nobody's business!  The utmost compliment was bestowed on me when she said, as we wrapped up around 3:30 - "You know, when we got started I would not have believed you would have gotten the room to this state by the time we left."  And she meant it in a positive way- nonbelievers!

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I'm off to bed because I have a "Coding- Not Just for Nerds" class tomorrow.  And that title probably means it is for nerds, doesn't it? Whatever.  I own it.


  1. Always enjoy your posts! So sorry about the blue foot, but glad your glitter clips turned out! Have a great year!

  2. I'm glad you've fixed your blue foot! I have had quite a few pinterest fails as well. I will have to try to remember not to do this listerine trick!!

    Love the treat bags! Your kiddos will be SO happy!
    Fourth Grade Lemonade

  3. I'm sorry but I love that it turned your foot blue - made me laugh as this is one of the first things I am reading today! Glad it is not so blue anymore and that you survived the glittering! Very cute treat bags!
    Growing Little Learners

  4. You crack me up!!! I love the blue foot and your train wreck comment! Love the glitter, glue, and treat bags. All in all, you made my morning brighter!
    Differentiation Station Creations

  5. You are hilarious! Sorry your foot turned blue but thanks for sharing about it.

    I made a calendar for 2014-2015 to help stay organized. You can see it here.

    Mrs. Harris

  6. Thanks so much for being the guinea pig and letting me know the foot experiment is an epic fail and does not work. Your glitter clothes pins look really good. Very smart way to hold the pencil with the bag topper. I am going to have to remember that one! Always love the humor and wit in your posts!

    Luv My Kinders