Saturday, July 6, 2013

Reading Ideas Linky

The next installment of the Ten Pin Linky from Ashley at Just Reed:

Confession: I like finding a good linky because it helps me come up with blog posts during times when I can't think of anything else to post.  I'm really sort of hoping I'm not the only one that feels that way...
1.  I'm wanting to do a forest theme this coming year, and this idea for a reading reward for building stamina would be cool as a "camping out" reward.
2.  I've tried many many ways to get kids to put books back where they found them.  At this point, I am most successful with numbered books in numbered baskets.  Kids are more likely to match up a number than with words- is what I've discovered.  But I like this pin for it's simplicity.  And I think it's very doable and worth a try.
3. I adore these ornaments.  I had this idea to use an artificial Christmas tree in the room this year for kids to hang these connection ornaments on as well as other reading recommendations.
4. Julie at MakeTakeTeach is an awesome resource for sight word materials.  This being one of the many goodies she suggests.  This past year in second grade, I ended the year with five little poppets below grade level.  Where was their struggle?  Right here with sight words.  You can't force a parent to help practice at home, but you can make it easier for them by creating these bags and sending them home with the kids.  And having them available to hand to the random volunteer that strolls in wanting to help.
5. Saw this one the other day and fell in love instantly!  What an excellent tool for practicing tone change with punctuation.
6. Here's an excellent video showing off some whole brain teaching with language arts skills.    I love all these whole brain teaching videos.  Super inspiring.
7.  There is a section of blank wall I have behind my classroom door that is probably a good three or four feet wide.  I never really put anything there, because it was hidden behind the door.  But looking a this pin, I was considering making one of these story telling roads out of felt pieces and hanging it there when not in use.  Practical when needed, and room décor when not.
8.  Loved teaching non-fiction text features this past year.  This spinner would make for a great whole group game or even a small group center.
9. Marsha over at Differentiated Kindergarten is always full of excellent ideas.  Here's one from a recent post where she used this road for nonsense word fluency.  Completely doable with anything else as well though, from sight words to whole sentences.
10.  When I had my stuffed animal fair measurement day this past year- at one point for twenty minutes of relative quiet I told the kids to read a book to their stuffed animal.  I had not expected such quick compliance!  And maybe the magic would wear off if done everyday- but what a cute idea for special occasions!  Could even make it a reward and offer different buddies each month.

Gads, kittens- I am not designed for 90 degree humid weather.  The rest of my day will be spent hiding indoors trying to draw clouds.

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